Building a Cheese Plate

Look extra sharp at your holiday gathering with a palate-pleasing cheese plate. Our cheese whizzes make it whey easy.

cheese plate


Keep it simple; three to four selections of cheeses work for nearly any occasion. Choose cheeses that contrast in taste and texture; balance the sweet with the pungent, the firm with the creamy. Plan on two ounces per person.


Bread or Crackers?

Serve both bread and crackers – different textures enhance the experience. Some favorites are crostini crackers, water crackers and the baguette.


Additions like olives, roasted nuts and marinated vegetables are key. Two quick and easy options:

  • Kalamata olives are a simple addition that bring a big flavor. Drain the brine and add spices like chili flakes.
  • Known for their sweetness and soft texture, Spanish Marcona Almonds work for every cheese plate. Try tossing with a bit of oil and salt before serving.


The sweetness in fruit complements the saltiness of cheese. Create a colorful display with sliced apples, pears and figs. Preserves, fig spread or cranberry chutney are welcome accompaniments too.


Unwrap the cheeses and arrange on a platter (or wooden cutting board, slab of natural stone, ect) at least an hour before serving.

Top 5 Tips

  1. Something old, something new, something goat, something blue. Mix it up! Offer a selection of different styles of products, milks and looks.
  2. Just breathe. Letting cheeses "breathe" for an hour before serving enhances the flavors. They should be served at room temperature.
  3. Hello, my name is… Label each cheese so your guests know what they’re enjoying.
  4. It’s alive! Cheese is alive, so purchasing a day or two prior to your event is essential for the success of your cheese plate.
  5. Fromage friends. Befriend your local cheese monger. They can give you the skinny on what’s ripe and best to eat now.