Our Favorite Cheeses

Bring these cheeses home for the holidays. Mom and dad will approve, we promise.

cheese plate

Soft & Creamy

Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery Bijou

Sweet and yeasty, these little jewels of aged goat cheese are a fantastic addition to many recipes. No kidding.

Smooth & Creamy

P’tit Basque sheep’s milk cheese

From the mountainous Basque region of France, this smooth and sweet pick has a creamy texture with a nutty finish.

Soft Ripened

Hervé Mons Camembert

Big is beautiful, especially when you’re talking about a cheese with oozy, mushroomy goodness. With a traditional aroma and great vegetal notes, its flavors are reminiscent of a raw-milk Camembert.

Fromager d’Affinois

“Ultra-filtering,” a French innovation, produces this plump and tender double crème delight from the Rhone-Alpes region. With its silkiness and buttery notes, all we can say is “merci.”

Live Blues

Rogue Creamery Caveman Blue

Despite the name, this cheese is a lover, not a fighter. Rich and complex, sweet and fruity with slight vanilla notes, it’s true blue love for us.

Fourme d’Ambert

Perhaps it’s the delicate fruit or subtle smokiness but this creamy mild-mannered blue from France even pleases those “I-don’t-like-blue-cheese” guests at the party.

Semi-soft. Completely Amazing

Sottocenere Italian Truffle cheese

Aged in ash, this intense raw cow’s milk cheese from Italy is studded with delicate slivers of truffles. Uncover this beauty. Now.

Firm Favorites

Red Leaf Canadian aged Cheddar

Look for the leaf. This robust, rich, aged cheddar from Quebec has a crumbly, full-bodied texture you want – nay, need! – this holiday.

Uniekaas Parrano

With complex nutty notes of parmesan, butter, salt and caramel (seriously), this cheese is great for grating and magical when melted.

Emmi Le Gruyère Reserve

12-month aged, dense, nutty and rich, this cheese is hand selected in Switzerland exclusively for Whole Foods Market. There’s nothing neutral about it.

Seaside Cheddar

If the name has you imagining an English cheddar from a picturesque coastal-grazing single herd, you’re spot on. Its mature, sweet sharpness is paired with an almost delicate texture with tiny crystals of salty crunch.

Borough Market Cheddar

This is a traditional cloth-bound cheddar with that quintessential sharp balanced by nice creaminess you’re looking for. Aged 12 months to perfection.