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Back to School in Green Style - 4th Period

Hey! I’m Emily, and I am a sophomore in High School and a part of Teens for Safe cosmetics. A few weeks ago, Teens for Safe Cosmetics had our kickoff meeting for the 2008/ 09 campaign. It was a great meeting with tons of fabulous ideas for our Teens Turning Green Collection, for events, and for new advocacy strategies.

What We're Reading...

I wish my childhood lunches had been filled with more delightful and evocative images, so I could recount to you complete sensory detail, my memories of elementary school at noon. But alas, I had a lot of bologna on white bread, American cheese on white bread and peanut butter and jelly... on white bread. Not that my mom wasn't awesome, but she lacked the time and the... culinary creativity to spin brown bagged meals into flavorful memories. But, what I lack in personal experience in my youth, I've more than made up for in living vicariously through other people's lunches.

Digging Deep at Slow Food Nation

Danny Olivas joined Whole Foods Market Northern California marketing team in 2007, but has been involved with good food for much longer. Danny’s mom was a foodie and had a long career in fine-dining operations.

The Whole Deal™ and Quality

I had a conversation with a girl about my age (mid-twenties) recently who, seemingly oblivious to the current economic conditions, was fawning over the window displays of haute couture shops in San Francisco. She commented that she spent most of her income on clothing.

Paulk Vineyards

In their own words...

White Oak Pastures

This blog post previously contained an outdated video about a supplier. We have removed the video to prevent confusion.

Up Close and Personal with Rainbow Trout

Sometimes you meet people who are truly remarkable. I met such a person in September 2007 on a trout farm visit to Idaho. Following two days of presentations at the U.S. Trout Farmers Association meeting, my fellow fishmongers and I were greeted by Leo Ray, who loaded us into his truck for an all day tour of the Snake River Canyon of South Central Idaho.

Spicy Coconut-Braised Black Cod

The Secret Ingredient Continues our “Best Of” series with Kathy Casey’s Spicy Coconut-Braised Black Cod with Colorful Vegetables! Join us next week for an all new episode featuring Lakeside Turkey Burgers!

What We're Reading...

Is it just me or are you feeling a bit like this lately? It's mid-August and all of the maps of daytime temperatures across the US show firey shades of red, orange and yellow. It's undeniably hot outside and it seems like everyone's talking about it. The blogosphere and the news are abuzz with chatter about the heat and ways to combat it and we thought we'd share with you some of the best ways to beat (or enjoy) the heat that we've found this week...

Back to School in Green Style - 3rd Period

The Whole Deal™ Tips of the Week

Value tips from our shoppers continue to roll in. Thanks! You guys totally have this saving-while-shopping thing worked out.

The Truly Great Tomato

August is prime tomato season in many parts of the United States. To me, a tomato is defined by its texture. Flavor, moisture, acidity, and ripeness are all important but all these factors are meaningless if you have a tomato that is soft and mushy. What makes a tomato mushy and soft is temperature — if at any point a tomato is cooled below 45 degrees for an extended period of time, its cell structure will collapse. You should never refrigerate tomatoes at home for this reason.

Sparkman's Cream Valley


Does Your Child Need a Multi?

Learn the big reasons why most kids can benefit from a little daily multivitamin. Despite even the best attempts at a healthy diet, many don’t get all the essentials they need. Think of it as a combination of insurance and investment, and get the most recent nutritional recommendations for smart parents and smart kids.

New Food for Fido

If you haven’t strolled down the pet food aisle lately, you may not know that we’ve expanded our private label line of pet foods. We continue to offer our 365 Everyday Value™ pet foods for a quality human-grade pet food at a value price and have added 365 Everyday Value™ Holistic pet foods for well-rounded nutrition without the use of by-products.

Panzanella Salad with Crab, Goat Cheese & Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette

This week’s recipe is a Secret Ingredient team favorite. Not only is it a brilliant use for leftover bread, it’s a lively salad of peppery arugula tossed in roasted tomato vinaigrette, topped with toasted goat cheese and generously garnished with Whole Catch™ Wild Caught Crab. Summer salads don’t get much better than this!

Back to School in Green Style – 2nd Period

Hi. I'm Danielle, a high school senior in Northern California. There are simple changes that we can make to better "green" all aspects of our daily lives. Below are four more tips that will get you started as we head back to school. If you CAN make healthier choices, why not?

New in Non-Dairy

The Whole Deal™ Heads Back to School

As you've seen on some of our other blog posts, it's back to school time! Do you have favorite value tips that keep your food budget on track when heading back to school? Share them with other customers on The Whole Deal™.

Super Sandwiches

What's for dinner? When you hear that familiar strain, don’t forget that sandwiches are a tasty option. You know those sandwiches that sound like too much work for lunch? Well they are perfect for dinner. Listen in as recipe developer Cindy Cuomo shares her favorite sandwich combinations.
Check out some of our faves here and let us know what you like for a dinner sandwich.

The Safety of Meat at Whole Foods Market

Edmund LaMacchia is our Global Vice President of Procurement.


EcoPath’s Biodynamic Aloe Vera Farm

When I was in Brazil this past year for a food industry show, I met a brother and a sister who lived and worked on their family’s biodynamic aloe vera farm. I learned that on this farm the siblings made cleaning products from the aloe vera that they grew.

Natural Oral Care for Kids

Do you wonder if the reasons you choose natural foods for your kids could also apply to toothpaste? Learn about the choices and get tips for natural oral care products that work well—and taste great—for even the pickiest kids.

Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Encore Presentation Everybody knows balsamic vinegar, but here we’re not talking about just any vinegar, we’re working with barrel-aged balsamic vinegar imported from Italy. Try our trio of recipes—we think you’ll be able to appreciate the difference.

Voluntary Ground Beef Recall

Edited from an August 8, 2008 Press Release In response to state and federal investigations into an E. coli outbreak, we've announced a voluntary multi-state recall of fresh ground beef sold between June 2 and August 6, 2008 because of a concern that it may be contaminated with E. coli 0157:H7 bacteria.

Back To School In Green Style

Hi, my name is Erin and I am a high school senior from Northern California. I founded Teens for Safe Cosmetics with a group of my peers because I don't think that we should have to choose between beauty and health! And now I apply a similar philosophy to all aspects of my life: why risk my well being when I don't have to?

Field Report: Coffee in Ecuador 2008

Whole Foods Market owns Allegro Coffee Company,our experts in the coffee and tea business. Darrin Daniel, Allegro's coffee buyer, blogs about coffee, Ecuador and the mysterious town of Vilcabamba where some of their citizens have lived to be 125+ years old. Day One: Visit to Espindola to meet producers

The Whole Deal™

There have been some media stories lately about how people are trading down to save money on food in these uncertain economic times. To me, that seems like such a poor trade off.

Ode to Okra


Grameen Guatemala – A Glimpse into the Life of a Borrower

From a guest blogger for the Whole Planet Foundation, Alex Crane.

Checking in From the Gladiola Fields


Compost Happens!

Our South Region has joined with Farmer D Organics to recycle the green waste from select stores and bring it to Longwood Plantation where Mike Smith and Daron Joffe, a.k.a. Farmer D, transform it into biodynamic organic compost.

Classic Chèvre and Sorrel Quiche

Secret Ingredient host Mark Law and Denver chefs Patrick DuPays and Amy Poleski add a French accent to classic butter pastry with this week’s secret ingredient, European-style butter, and pair this delicate flaky crust with eggs, cream, chèvre and lemony sorrel for a delicious quiche.

Ian's Natural Foods

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is to seek out new and innovative products for you, our customers. That means I see literally hundreds of new products every month hoping to make it onto Whole Foods Market’s shelves. Many of them don’t make the cut. However, the new pizza and pasta meal kits from Ian’s definitely caught my eye. First, they’re made for kids…which is a hot trend right now. Just look around our store, kid-friendly products abound. But what sets Ian’s apart is their recognition of special diets.