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Springtime Gardens

Second bloom sweet peas on my desk

Inspired Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

In honor of Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May), we’re sharing recipes inspired by Mexico’s savory cuisine. Need a reminder on the significance of this date? It’s the day Mexicans commemorate their 1862 defeat of the French army in the Battle of Puebla.

Cooking for One - Bulk Isn’t "A Lot"

It used to be that when I thought of bulk foods, I thought of one of those giant membership warehouses where I could buy a case of pretzels or a gross of cheese balls, but Whole Foods Market has changed that way of thinking for me.

I Rule! Celebrating My First Mother’s Day

This year I celebrate my first mother’s day. And what a wonderful, wild ride this motherhood-thing is. What I’ve learned over the last nine months since my son’s birth is that all the ways I was certain I would do things “when I’m a mom” have gone out the window. Until you actually experience it—the good, the bad and the teething—there is no way to understand what it truly takes to be a mom.

Meadow Creek Dairy

Meadow Creek Dairy Galax, Virginia

The Whole Deal's Meals for One or Two

Getting dinner on the table every night doesn’t have to be a drag. That’s especially true when you follow the weeklong meal plans in The Whole Deal value guide. Here are our simple suggestions for feeding one or two incredibly well, affordably.

Let's Respect Farm Animals


Be Generous With Garlic

I love Julia Child. She cracks me up!

Positive Changes for the Industry, for Everyone

In part 3 of this three-part series on our Premium Body Care® standard at Whole Foods Market®, we’re looking at how these standards raise the bar for the natural body care industry as a whole. Prairie Rose Hyde is co-founder and formulator of Alaffia, a sustainable skin care company based on handcrafted, fair trade shea butter. Alaffia is a shining example of both Premium Body Care® standards and the commitment to Whole Trade™ at Whole Foods Market.

Latin Party From Putumayo

Congratulations to Anya from Boulder, our randomly selected winner of the Putumayo CDs!

Putumayo World Music’s latest release is Latin Party, just in time to help make your Cinco de Mayo celebration a real toe tapper. (Read on for a chance to win some Putumayo CDs.) Ethnomusicologist Jacob Edgar, who helps Putumayo in finding music and artists for their new releases, provides this overview of Cinco de Mayo and the Latin Party CD.

Let's Clear The Air With Each Bite

Let In your opinion, which of these is the most impactful Earth-friendly effort? Take our poll on green efforts and see how your thoughts stack up with others.

Premium Body Care: The Vendor Connection

March marked the two-year anniversary of Premium Body Care at Whole Foods Market.

Time Running Out on Costa Rica Trip Giveaway

In case you are just tuning in, we’ve been celebrating April with our Whole Trade™ pineapples that are setting a sweeter standard for quality, as well as environmental and social responsibility.

Food on Film: Fast Food Nation

filmfestheader B Murray is our randomly selected winner of the $25 gift card. Thanks everyone for your entries! Have you seen Fast Food Nation? Read on for a chance to win a $25 gift card!

Let's Seek Inner Beauty

Let What’s your top priority when shopping for personal bodycare products? Take our poll on bodycare products and see how your thoughts stack up with others.

Recipe Roundup: Best of Asparagus

Is asparagus on your menu these days? If not, it should be! This spring treat is easy to cook and extremely versatile—it can be boiled, steamed, grilled or roasted.


Our Earth Day Commitment

Earth Day is a big deal around here. So much so, in fact, that we celebrate the entire month of April as Earth Month! Every Earth Day, Whole Foods Market makes specific commitments to do more as a company to help our planet.

Seventh Generation is Protecting Planet Home

For the past 20 years, it has been the avowed mission of Seventh Generation to help us protect our world with naturally safe and effective household products.

Let's Bring Home The Bacon And Ditch The Antibiotics

When you buy beef, what are you concerned about? Take our poll on meat standards and see how your thoughts stack up with others. It’s often easy to forget that the burger, steak or drumstick on your plate was once an animal. How was that animal raised? How was it treated? Where did it come from? What did it eat? What about hormones and antibiotics? Was its growth artificially accelerated to get to market sooner and reduce feed cost?

Team Member Appreciation Day

We opened our very first Whole Foods Market store in Austin, Texas on September 20, 1980. Thirty years and hundreds of stores later we owe much of our success to the love of our Team Members. In honor of Team Member Appreciation Week, here are 30 reasons we love them back!

OMG, Let’s Stop Eating GMOs


Millet's Not Just For The Birds

Did you know that agriculture — the planting and harvesting of crops — has been around for some ten thousand years? That sure provides some context for the term “ancient grains.” Millet, by all accounts, is one of those oldies but goodies.

Let’s Choose Growers Who Take the Road Less Traveled

Let What do you love most about local products? Take our poll on locally grown and see how your thoughts stack up with others.

Earth-Friendly Wines For Earth Day

Devon Broglie, winner of Texas’ Best Sommelier Competition in 2006, coordinates wine and specialty goods for our Southwest Region stores. His true passion for wine developed in the late 1990’s as the Manager of Brightleaf 905 restaurant, and during his stint in Spain working the harvest season for the pioneering winery Bodegas Costers del Siurana in the Priorat region of Catalunya.

Brands Doing Good For Haiti Relief

At Whole Foods Market, we offer a lot of great products, and many of the companies who make them are doing amazing humanitarian works as well. We'd like to take a moment of your time to introduce you to two truly extraordinary vendors of ours: Three Sisters Cereal and Odwalla. These two companies are both doing their part to help with relief efforts in Haiti, each in their own unique way.

Food on Film: Soylent Green

filmfestheader Sue Swyt is our randomly selected winner of the $25 gift card. Thanks everyone for your entries! Have you seen Soylent Green? Read on for a chance to win a $25 gift card!

Let's Get More Change With Every Dollar

How to Spend to Save...the Planet

If you want the simple truth, your food choices make a difference to the health of the planet and all its inhabitants. Take our Gyro-Style Lamb with Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce over Quinoa recipe, for example. Here’s how you can save so much more than money by shopping for the ingredients at our stores.


Holding the Bar High in Natural Body Care

In part 2 of our 3-part series on our Premium Body Care® standards at Whole Foods Market®, you’ll hear about why these strict natural guidelines are important. You’ll also learn about Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national coalition of health and environmental groups that are working to eliminate harmful chemicals from personal care products. Stacy Malkan, co-founder and author, sheds light on the pursuit to make personal care safer and greener.

Surviving The Springtime Fruit Gap

There are lots of things to love about spring but it can be a period of dread in the produce business as we transition from the winter to the summer fruit harvest season. A lot can happen all at once: citrus starts to fade, we start losing variety in hard fruit (apples and pears), and the weather can play havoc on new crop domestic fruit (like berries).

Let's Not Trick Out Our Treats

Let We’re taking a poll and we want to know what you think. What is your favorite natural alternative for sweetness in baked goods?  Take our poll and see how your thoughts stack up with others.

Healthy Tip: Eating Those Wonderful Whites

White Beans

Busting Myths about Fresh Pineapple

MonkeysOnce in a while we have a new program in produce that is super exciting, and Whole Trade pineapple is one of those programs. First off, the fruit is delicious! But in addition to taste, there are plenty of reasons that we can’t stop talking about this fruit.

Let's Raise Fish That Say No To Drugs

Let What concerns you most about the seafood you eat? Take our poll on seafood and see how your thoughts stack up with others. Let’s fish for the future

Discover Australian Wines

Australian Wines Have you checked out any of our featured Australian wines yet? We introduced you to our quality, priced-to-please Australian wines in our last post.


Help Is Here For Those Hard To Recycle #5’s

Preserve Gimme 5Does your local recycling take those #5 plastics? Not many do. What to do with all of those containers from yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, hummus and other plastic food storage with the dreaded #5 on the bottom? Never fear, the Preserve Gimme 5 program is here to help!

Food on Film: The Garden

Let's Stop Playing With Our Food

Let What’s your top reason for choosing organic products? Take our poll on organics and see how your thoughts stack up with others.

Enter Our Pineapple Recipe Contest

Spring PineappleSue Swyt is our randomly selected winner of the $25 gift card. Thanks everyone for your entries!

Cork ReHarvest

Cork ReHarvest Logo

Premium Body Care® – A Worthy Challenge

At Whole Foods Market® we are proud of the years of work we’ve put into developing our Premium Body Care® standards. In this first installment of a 3-part podcast series, Lecia Rand, category manager for Whole Foods Market™ and 365 Everyday Value® brand supplements and body care, talks about these top-tier standards which took years to develop and continue to be a worthy work in progress.

Pineapple Perfection

Pineapple Cucumber SaladMy very first memory of moving to Hawaii was landing at the Honolulu airport, departing the plane outside and being greeted with handmade leis of Pikake and Plumeria flowers.

Let's Not Mess With Mother Nature


Your Overwhelming Generosity

WPF_ChangeWords really aren’t sufficient in expressing how honored we are to have such generous customers, team members and vendor partners.

Food In Reverse

Let’s think backwards — to take the food movement forward. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke! Every bite has a story. If you don’t know the story behind your food, are you sure you want to eat it? Whether it’s a steak or a banana, your conscious food choices make a world of difference. Watch the video and check out Let’s Retake Our Plates.

Food on Film: No Impact Man