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Special alert! On Friday, September 6th you have the chance to support salad with salad. Simply eat at your local Whole Foods Market® salad bar, and 5% of your salad bar purchase will be donated to Whole Kids Foundation’s® Salad Bar Grant Program. You can feel even better than usual about piling your plate high with greens, beans and other veggies because you're doing it for the kids.

Food52's How-to Guide to Lunch Success

Summer is ending and it’s time to get back into your routine. But there’s no need for lunches to be routine! Get inventive, make things from scratch and use what you have on hand.

Here are five tips for making a better packed lunch.

1. Sandwiches don’t have to be PB&J.


Heirloom Tomato Superstars

I’m a lucky man. In my job for Whole Foods Market® I get to work with farmers all over the country who are growing truly exceptional fruits and vegetables.

This is especially true with tomatoes. This year-round customer favorite comes in a dizzying array of varieties supplied by an overlapping mosaic of producers — large and small, local and long-haul, field and greenhouse — located throughout North America.


Pears: The Perfect Partners

Whole Wheat German Pancake with PearsMy earliest memory of pears was the amazing pear orchard behind our house in northern California.

Travel to South Africa In a Glass or In Person

Wines from South AfricaWould you like to win a trip to what our world-travelling wine buyer calls “the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen?” Would y


10 Ways to Beautify Your Summer Plate with Heirloom Tomatoes

Hazy summer days are winding to a close but the intriguing season of heirloom tomatoes is just ramping up.

Beloved for their intense flavors and natural beauty, heirloom tomatoes are classic varieties that have been preserved for generations.

Slice up a pile of sweet pink Brandywines and mild and tangy Evergreens or experiment with spunky yellow Sun Golds and rich, winey Cherokee Purples. You really can’t go wrong.

Savor the last moments of summer with the season’s most striking produce gems. Here are ten ways to beautify your plate.

UPDATE: Cattle Growth Promotants – New Development Unfolds

If you’ve been following the news closely over the last few weeks, you have probably heard about an interesting development in the beef industry.


Label GMOs: Yes on Washington’s 522

Joe Rogoff is the Pacific Northwest regional president, overseeing stores in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, a distribution center, and Select Fish, a seafood facility.


Let’s Cook: Kale Waldorf Salad

Turn traditional Waldorf salad into a healthy feast using super greens (kale) instead of lettuce, and make a creamy dressing without any mayo!

Food Trends: Mostarda

Cathy Strange’s role as global cheese and specialty foods buyer for Whole Foods Market® puts her in the unique position of travelling the world to not only discover and encourage the world’s great cheesemakers, but also to help advance the artisanal food movement and investigate the world’s emergent food trends. If a new preparation technique is causing ripples in Berlin, or a centuries-old curing tradition is gaining a foothold in Seattle, Cathy knows about it.


End-of-Summer Hurrah

The season of back-to-school lunchboxes, chilly afternoons and new pencils is fast approaching, but there’s still time for an end of summer blowout. Celebrate all that late summer has to offer with a Labor Day meal that features the season’s best. Set up a burger bar and have plenty of fresh produce on hand for a memorable wrap party.

Here are our ten favorite dishes for your final summer hurrah:


Peak Season for Stone Fruits

Whole Wheat Couscous with Nectarines and PistachiosNectarines, cherries, mangoes, apricots, peaches and plums all fall under the name “stone fruits.” That’s be

Rotisserie Chicken 10 Ways

Picking up a perfectly roasted and ready-to-eat chicken will make you feel like a true dinnertime hero. Rotisserie chicken is one of those instant meal savers that can be tailored to your family’s current cravings – tacos, soup, casseroles, salads and pot pies are all within reach.

The Bulk Department: A Shopper’s Best Friend

The bulk department can be a little intimidating for the uninitiated. When I first started shopping at Whole Foods Market®, all of the bins, item numbers, tiny writing utensils and the freeform, help yourself method made me a little nervous.

Food52’s Left-Field Labor Day Dishes

In some ways, Labor Day is the perfect long weekend: full of cookouts, trips to the pool, lazy afternoons, and, of course, plenty of good food. But depending on what part of the country you live in, you just might feel the first autumn crispness in the air. Once the weekend’s over, it’s full-force towards fall, which is all the more reason to celebrate the flavors of summer before it’s hat-and-scarf season. Make these crowd-pleasing, super-fresh dishes and hold on to summer as long as you can.



Heirloom Tomatoes: Unique, Intense and Naturally Gorgeous

Heirloom tomatoes are here! Our stores are bursting with all of their gorgeous hues and wildly different shapes.


Fast Food for Babies

I’m a fairly new mom (my daughter is 18 months old), and so far my observations  in the realm of babies and food are that: babies eat frequently throughout the day; babies are not known for their patience; babies tend to eat dinner much earlier than adults.

Simple Things You Can Do to Get Your Kids To Eat Better

My family’s incredible summer (beach days and theme parks and road trips, oh my!) often didn’t translate to very wholesome meals (take-out and eating out and desserts, oh no!). Now that we’re getting back to our routine, balancing healthy choices, busy schedules and the kids’ taste preferences would seem like an impossible feat if it wasn’t for tiny victories. 

Cracking the Coconut Code

Coconut AmbrosiaCoconut seems all the rage these days. With news about the many benefits plus far greater availability of all sorts of wonderful coconut products, now’s the time to get cooking with coconut.


Put Children First with Healthy Eating and Monthly Reading

Joy Errico Seusing is the Senior Vice President of External Relations for Jumpstart, a national early education organization.

Jumpstart logo

9 Good Kitchen Habits for Easier Mornings

 Overnight OatmealI’m not a stick-to-a-schedule type of person, but my mornings have been a lot less stressful since I’ve worked a few good habits into my normal schedule. 

Bagging a Better Lunch for Less

Healthy Lunch

Dining at your desk? Making school lunches for the little ones? Packing a meal to eat on-the-go? For lunching away from home, there’s no reason to be sandwiched between flavor and savings. Here are five of our favorite money-saving tips for bagging a better lunch.

Food Trends: Sweet Wines

Cathy Strange’s role as global cheese and specialty foods buyer for Whole Foods Market® puts her in the unique position of travelling the world to not only discover and encourage the world’s great cheesemakers, but also to help advance the artisanal food movement and investigate the world’s emergent food trends. If a new preparation technique is causing ripples in Berlin, or a centuries-old curing tradition is gaining a foothold in Seattle, Cathy knows about it.


Be Happy! Win a Chance to Run in Nike Women’s Marathon

Whole Foods Market® is a proud sponsor of the Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco. This race fills up fast and now it’s sold out. However, we have some spots we’re giving away to folks who want to enter the race. Read on to find out how to enter for a chance to win an opportunity to run! UPDATE: Thanks to everyone that entered! Congrats to our winners: Scharon, Kassandra, Jennifer, Jan, Charlyn, Crystal, Hoam, Yue, Stephanie and Tisza. Good luck at the race!


Get Issue 6 Now! Panna, the Chef's Choice in Cooking Apps

Essential Supplements for Supporting Kids’ Health

Would you do it for a million?”

Cool Off with an Orange-Ginger Brewjito

Orange-Ginger BrewjitoNothing helps you cool off during the hottest summer month like a refreshing adult beverage.


Four Foods to Have on Hand for Dinner in a Flash

Here’s a typical pre-kid meal scenario: my husband and I come home from working all day, crack open a cold one and meet in the kitchen to create a “quick-n-easy” meal inspired by whatever celebrity chef we happened to see on TV that week. Sounds ideal, right? Here’s the catch: it’s nine at night!

“How will we ever feed our (future) kids?” I groan over the oven-roasted rutabaga.


Marinate Your Way to Healthier Meals

We all know meat and seafood love a good soak in flavorful marinade, but plant-based foods do, too.

Marinating requires a subtle balancing act that once achieved will catapult your basic vegetarian faves to new heights. Grab a few blocks of tofu, a slab of tempeh and all the produce you can manage and head to the kitchen for a little advanced preparation.

The Marinatee

Let’s Cook: Broccoli with Chile-Almond Dressing

Watch and learn how to make a flavorful yet super simple sauce for broccoli and soba noodles, a great summertime combo.

Good Food Guidance 24/7

The Essential Good Food GuideYou know how there’s that one friend or co-worker who always knows everythin

Whole Wheat Crêpes for the Whole Family

Sweet Crepes


Our Latest Finds to Help Beat the Back-to-School Mealtime Madness

Back to school can mean back to the drawing board at mealtime. Here are a handful of new products to help you rise and shine at the breakfast table, beat sad sack lunches, dazzle at dinnertime and satisfy snack time cravings. 

Remember, like all products on our shelves, these new offerings are free of hydrogenated fats and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors!