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The Gift of Travel

By Heather Kennedy, May 10, 2013  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Heather Kennedy

Mom and Dad…where would we be without them? Summer presents a wonderful chance to say thanks to your family with a well-earned vacation. Why not take an adventure with Whole Journeys, the new travel division of Whole Foods Market®? While travel may seem like an extravagant gift at first, it provides memories for a lifetime and a reflective space to nurture body, mind and soul. And when you add up years’ worth of dusty perfume bottles or ties that hang forlornly in the closet, it’s easy to see why a vacation is a worthwhile investment. So gather your siblings, pack a bag and celebrate Mom and Dad, Whole Journeys style.


For Mom:

Is your mom a woman of the world? Does she rock a bike kit as well as a manicure? Does she read the classics while posting on Facebook? Tuscany is equally diverse with its rich history, rustically delicious food, five-star spas and terrain that features rolling hills and fragrant forests. And after a day of walking or cycling, there’s world-class wine! Treat mom to Tuscany’s best with SAVORY TRAILS OF TUSCANY (September 8 – 14) or TOSCANA IN BICICLETTA  (September 28 – October 5).


For Dad:

While this trip is meant to be enjoyed by men and women alike, Dad’s especially sure to love this adventure along the Salmon River in Idaho, including Class III rapids, the Pacific Northwest’s best craft beers, Barth Hot Springs and a professional chef preparing gourmet camp dinners riverside. So ditch the golf shirt gift, grab your bro (or sis) and join dad along the Salmon River.

SAVOR THE SALMON RIVER, IDAHO (August 7-13 or August 23 – 29).


What incredible adventures have you been on with Mom and Dad? How will you celebrate the spirit of adventure this summer?

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