Introducing Our New Store Concept: 365 by Whole Foods Market™

By Jeff Turnas, June 10, 2015  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Jeff Turnas


Jeff Turnas, a 20-year Whole Foods Market® veteran, is president of 365 by Whole Foods Market. Jeff has held key leadership positions, including as president of the company’s North Atlantic region and most recently as president of its United Kingdom region.

Hey everyone, I’m here to reach out with an exciting update. In May, we announced we’d launch a new innovation to help meet the exploding demand for more natural and organic foods: a smaller-store concept where value meets quality. Today, we’re introducing the official name for the newest member of the Whole Foods Market Family — 365 by Whole Foods Market™!

Value, Convenience and Standards

“365” in the name celebrates our belief that fresh healthy foods can be readily available to more people in an affordable way every day…365 days a year. It also tips our hat to our popular 365 Everyday Value brand, which our shoppers seek out for quality, transparency and great value — the same attributes to come with our smaller-store format. We'll work up a modern, consistent design, use innovative technology and carefully choose just the right product mix to ensure an efficient and rewarding shopping experience.

In short, our 365 by Whole Foods Market stores will offer a simple way to shop for healthy, high-quality food at great prices. And the great news is, we'll stick to the same top-notch Quality Standards we’ve all spent the last 35 years creating. 

What’s Next?

The entrepreneurial spirit of the startup mode is invigorating! We're already busy developing the recipe for an exciting and fun retail experience to bring healthy, fresh affordable foods to more communities.

We’re stoked!


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Bennie Nicolo says ...
Dear Mr. Turnas- PLEASE consider North Little Rock, AR as a location for this new 365 concept. We have a great need for this shopping experience. When you see how many people drive miles out of their way to the Whole Foods in Little Rock, you will see the market exists. Thank you for your consideration and best, Bennie Nicolo
06/11/2015 2:22:20 PM CDT
Ms. Krin Collins says ...
A 365 Concept store would be a perfect feed in the Park Hill Historic Neighborhood in North Little Rock, Arkansas. As a resident of Park Hill, I invite you to investigate the market. In particular, look at H-street and JFK Boulevard area, please!
06/11/2015 2:57:56 PM CDT
Kimberly stephens says ...
Please consider moving whole foods to NLR. Esp in the park hill neighborhood. Don't want to drive to west little rock. You would have business from Cabot, Jacksonville, Conway and here in NLR and Sherwood.
06/11/2015 3:16:58 PM CDT
Ashley Matthews says ...
I would love to see a Whole Foods in North Little Rock, AR in the neighborhood of Park Hill. Please please please! Check out the lot on the corner of West H and JFK. High traffic area!
06/11/2015 9:02:33 PM CDT
Brandy says ...
A market like this would thrive in North Little Rock, AR!
06/12/2015 9:27:41 AM CDT
kathy young says ...
365 is sorely needed in my area. There is a location I would like you to scout. It was previously a food store and a liquor store. It is available for rent at the moment. It would be wonderful to have access to a more healthy food supply
06/12/2015 11:47:22 AM CDT
Henry says ...
Dear Mr. Turnas, please consider a location in State College, PA, where there are many high end customers because of Penn State. Besides, Wegman;s does not compare to Whole Foods!
06/12/2015 12:09:20 PM CDT
Beverly Haynes says ...
Please consider Greenville, NC. It's a growing college town boasting a large tertiary care center and Heart Institute connected with the East Carolina University and Medical School. There are lots of young families, a booming business community, and a large academic population - perfect for the new 365 WGM concept! Thanks! Beverly Haynes
06/12/2015 12:11:35 PM CDT
Nellie says ...
Please, Please bring one of your new 365 stores to Cape Coral, Florida... This is a great community and with a lot of people here from the Northeast who always loved Whole Foods you would do very well, right now we have to travel to Naples almost an hour away to be able to shop at WF....Thank You!
06/12/2015 5:35:21 PM CDT
m.h.mckenna says ...
Please consider opening a 365WFM store in the lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas. There are very few grocery store chains to choose from here. There is a great need for value-priced healthy food.
06/13/2015 9:11:38 AM CDT
Tricia says ...
So happy these stores being rolled out! The majority of my shopping is at Whole Foods, with more stores = more convenience. Sort of like the Harry's in a Hurry there used to be in the Atlanta area!
06/15/2015 4:06:59 PM CDT
Corey says ...
In my town there is a Whole Food and now a new Trader Joe's less than 2 miles apart on the same road! This is a great place for a new 365 Market!!
06/18/2015 9:09:21 AM CDT
K McCabe says ...
Saw an article that you are considering a location in Gateway Center at 14 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT. I have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that this will happen!!
06/18/2015 3:59:38 PM CDT
Kevin says ...
I agree that Park Hill in North Little Rock would be a prime location. Really strong residential base and lots non-resident traffic through the neighborhood too, but currently underserved when it comes to grocery/food options.
06/22/2015 10:16:20 AM CDT
Sandra Langley says ...
Because there are no Whole Food stores within 10 miles of me, I am forced to use Sprouts or King Soopers. We have a huge new upscale community here in the southeast part of Aurora, Colorado and a Safeway that closed. This would be perfect for a Whole Foods store!!! Please consider it....really don't like Sprouts.
06/22/2015 2:23:27 PM CDT
Maggie says ...
Park Hill in North Little Rock AR needs a 365 store!☺
06/23/2015 8:57:42 AM CDT
Erica says ...
I hope New York City--Manhattan specifically--will be home to one of the locations of this new store. This is a city full of young people who are interested in eating healthy foods but whose budgets are limited by the high cost of living here. I rarely/never shop at Whole Foods these days because it's too expensive, even though there is one just a few blocks from my apartment. I am excited to see a more affordable option coming soon.
06/24/2015 11:45:48 AM CDT
MAConger says ...
Levittown, PA is in need of the 365 shopping experience. Great location. Surrounding communities would have easy access here.
06/25/2015 6:42:09 AM CDT
Janet says ...
Please put one of your new stores in St. Petersburg, Florida. I have to drive over 20 miles to Tampa to go to Whole Foods. We were supposed to get a Whole Foods downtown St. Pete, but it never happened. The time has come !
06/26/2015 4:38:23 PM CDT
Cindy Heck says ...
I think this is a fantastic idea! More people deserve to have an opportunity to shop for themselves and their families in a food store that cares about our health and the environment. I am a huge, huge fan of whole foods! Thank you, Cindy Heck
06/28/2015 11:38:47 AM CDT
Jennifer Hoffmaster says ...
The community of Hopkinton, MA, start of the Boston Marathon, is in great need of this new development. The site of this store would replace a former, independent grocery market, at the main intersection of the town. Please scout this prime opportunity and be welcomed by a town that is desperately seeking high-quality products from a community-minded business.
06/29/2015 6:41:01 AM CDT
Frank Madrid says ...
The Tri-City area of Apple Valley, Hesperia and Victorville, CA have been trying to lure retailers like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's to the area for years now. The area is home to well over 1 million people! Apple Valley would be an incredible and profitable market for 365 to enter. Many companies have now been very successful moving here and giving the folks here a chance. It is also a great avenue to sharing our values with so many. Thanks!
07/03/2015 9:12:57 AM CDT
John Middleton says ...
Please open at least one location in the extremely North County Coastal area of San Diego - Oceanside/Vista/San Marcos. We have to drive 20 miles to the nearest WF store. There's a giant spot available at the former K-Mart location on College Boulevard just off Highway 76. We are located within 15 minutes of Cal State San Marcos and MiraCosta College. Thanks!
07/04/2015 11:55:43 AM CDT
Linda Pulman says ...
I am excited to hear of this new store concept! We in Colorado Springs have 2 Whole Foods Stores, which are located in the North and Northeast part of the city. Those of us in the Southwest part of the city, living near The Broadmoor Hotel, Skyway area and other parts of the city that economically could or do shop there would be happy to have your store closer. We would love to see a 365 store go in to the recently vacated Albertson's store, on HWY. 115, convenient to all of these areas located at least 10-15 miles from your other stores! There's a rumor Whole Foods is going in there, could that be true? Please?
07/05/2015 3:26:35 PM CDT
Patricia Bridges says ...
It would be great if a 365 store was opened in Aiken, SC. Please research the area. I think you will find it would be a perfect place for your store. A lot of affluent people live in this small town and University of South Carolina is here. We are nestled between Columbia,SC and Augusta, Ga. I love all your 365 products. Hope to see 365.
07/05/2015 3:41:46 PM CDT