Darden School of Business Conversation

In April, Darden School of Business Professor R. Edward Freeman hosted a conversation with me on topics such as Conscious Capitalism, Consequences of Authenticity, and Public Trust in Business. The 41-minute video is now available.
And here’s a short excerpt (under three minutes) on the essential elements for creating high trust organizations.

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PWeger says …

Living the brand promise is key - and you set the tone from the top. I am witnessing, first hand, a situation where Whole Food's leadership principles, brand standards and values for treating team members are not being carried through by leaders in a store.

marlene monford says …

john mackey---bottom line...be true to yourself in this world of kgb-like regulations that you nor I really understand. Your legacy and contribution to this world is greatly appreciated. My experience was as a poor student in austin,tx who looked forward to getting a healthy meal with an emotional feel good from your original store. now, as a successful person--i still bi-weekly get this same comfort from your store on kirby. it's an emotional experience for people who shop at WFM. what a legacy to be known as the calm in the storm. keep up the great work of being real. i am not computer savy..without my assistants....so let me end by saying you've made a soulful difference in thousands of people across the world. i purchase items for your micro loan program and think it's great. you are still so ahead of your time and keep moving the ball forward. mm

Adrian McMullan says …

A remarkable man with a remarkable passion that has never been more important in human history. Look what is happening in our country and around the world politically in regards to food and the general public...I pray Whole Foods Market and its mission, educational message and life stream continues to permeate our culture and change the course of history for the better of mankind and our earth...which of course is our home.

danusha says …

Thank you for the wonderful video, it is great to see that the foundation of this company is indeed, ethical! YOU have restored my faith in your company. When a company is a huge as yours it would be literally impossible if 100% of the employees would think like you (oh, how I wish..!) I can say after decades of being a true advocate of Whole foods I have had only wonderful things to say about EVERY single employee (that works at my local store). Recently, I needed to go to a larger store and only then one employee did not believe in your values. It does break my heart a bit to see such an inspirational video and to see a tiny breakdown in it but I can say to consider the massive size of Whole foods to have 99.999 percent of like minded employees is, indeed truly awesome !!

Elizabeth Ocean says …

Wow! It's like where do I begin to acknowledge and appreciate this great man who started this wonderful company many years ago except to say I am grateful for John Mackey, his views, Whole Foods Market, and the spirit and love and community that has spread so globally and has touched so many. I love Whole Foods and its mission. Whole foods is one of the few companies on this planet that walks its talk. It has never let me down. I have shopped at Whole Foods since the '80's and have loved every minute of it. I began shopping at your store on Greenville Ave. in Dallas. I have promoted this company to many people over the years and have inspired them to shop here as well. I always tell people I shop at Whole Foods because it's an "experience." If more companies operated under the same mission as Whole Foods, we would have a thriving, happy society. People would look forward to going to work versus the majority showing up for work because it's a job where they collect a paycheck to survive. Your philosophy, Mr. Mackey, on creating high trust organizations is what we all want. Everyone wants to be appreciated and empowered in a community environment they work in where there is trust and safety in being a significant contributor. Employees want to know the truth about the company they work for so they can whole-heartedly support it and promote it. I agree--nepotism and favoritism are certainly demoralizing to all concerned. Thank you, Mr. Mackey, for your contribution in creating authenticity, support of the global community and the planet in a fair and just manner, for selling cruelty-free products, for your stance on the protection of animals, your company's continued concepts and innovations in expanding consciousness and by leading by example.