Merlin says ...
Mr. Mackey, With all due respect, I believe you are full of hot air when talking about how to create jobs. Like the rest of the 1%-ers, your only interest is yourself. The main goal of yours or any other company is to make money period...there is no greater good. The way you have to make money is to hire low wage workers to supply the human services to your customers. The minute you could replace them with a foreigner making $2.00 an hour you would, the minute you could automate a function and pay no one you would. It would immediately impact your bottom line, save on benefits etc., etc. A few years ago your maiin goal was to eliminate Wild Oats...you did, it's capitalism at is finest, the strong survived. Privatizing Social Security is not the answer to creating jobs, making people like you pay your fair share into it @ 7% would make it solvent for the next 200 years. We know, the cap for you is like $125K andd you stop paying. I'm not saying the companies continue to pay, just the individuals, that includes bonus pay. If you privatized SS no regular worker would put into it until it was too late because they cannot afford to. Could you imaginie this latest economic downturn if we had no Safety nets in Place. I could, there would be anarchy! Medicare & Medicaid are separate issues. We need to address the rising cost of healthcare by nationalizing insurance. To have 50 million people unable to afford insurance at this time is a tragedy. I don't have the solution, but there has to be a better way. I agree that we need to shrink federal government, but then the size of state government will increase. Your state taxes will increase. For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action. The states would have to fend more for themselves....how will they do that TAXES my friend. Someone must maintain roads, bridges, sewer systems, water supply right now states are subsidized by the fed, take it away and the states have to come up with cash. Stes have to come up with cash for Public Education. Etc, Etc. This is Economics 101. You will never have to worry about your retirement or your healthcare, neither will your children, your childrens cildren and so on. I do not begrudge any amount of money you ever made, you CANNOT have a nation of people like John Mackey...someone has to tow the line, cut the fish, stock the shelves. If you think you can survive and retire on that working two 40hour a week jobs you are way out of touch with reality. This is why we need some entitlement programs, Let's be real 401K's are a joke for the average worker. It saved people like you from having to give up your hard earned dollars into a pension plan that would be a true supplement to social security & medicare. Most people have no idea how to invest and a 401K is an individuals responsibility...Why? because corporations would rather wash their hands of social consciousness. Creating jobs is the responsibilty of people like yourself, not the government. However, we end up having to listen to people like you espousing rhetoric that your tax rate is to high, the minimum wage is too high, healthcare is too high, we can't pay our shareholders...so eliminate the peons jobs. Right now the biggest reason we have no jobs is the slow death of huge companies like Kodak, Newspapers, Retail establishments that no longer need workers. Why? The internet and computers allows me to bank without a teller, read a "newspaper" without the paper, shop without a checkout girl and salesperson, what the heck I can even shop at the supermarket and have it delivered to my house. What do we do with all those jobs that will never come back that our parents either supllemented their incomes or guys like me di after school. Our children have to get more creative in finding work. many companies have taken to hiring workers with no benefits...WALMART for example...at one time almost 80% of their workers were on public assitance in Tennesee. This is the problem and it's not government. It's the selfishness and greed of the new breed of CEO and corporation. What's in it for me and my shareholders... So, stop thinking we're all so dumb, because we're not. I have an MBA in Finance and I work a regular job and I'm blessed to have it. Regards, Merlin
02/09/2012 3:56:14 PM CST
Isaias says ...
Whole foods its unfair
03/07/2012 2:32:52 AM CST