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  1. Sweet Stem Farm

  2. Chemical Free Weed Annihilation

    You're not alone if you put off weeding your garden beds so long that you cannot face the amount of time and effort it will take tidy them up again. No sweat. You have the sun on your side.

    Categories: Gardening, Cecilia Nasti

  3. The Power of Small Things

    by some of the harrowing images of human poverty i saw around the world. to this day i’ve never coped well with seeing these types of images. i believe in focusing …

    Categories: Whole Planet Foundation, Whole Planet Foundation

  4. All The Ways We Connect Online

    pinterest is a great way to collect images and ideas that you love and inspire you. we’re kind of obsessed with it and if you if you haven’t perused our pinterest boards you’re missing out on a whole … photos are such an amazing way to connect with people and instagram allows you to  share your life through your images and to see what your friends are up to. we love sharing pics of what we’re eating, places …

    Categories: Trends & New Stuff, Nikki Newman

  5. The Source: Allegro Coffee

    Every cup of coffee tells a story, many of them involving small family farms in some of the most remote regions of the world. Journey to northern Peru with Darrin Daniel, director of sourcing for Allegro Coffee, and experience the adventure of finding the perfect bean. When you see what goes into getting your coffee from the source, you’ll appreciate your daily jolt that much more.

    Categories: Videos, Coffee & Tea, Caitlin Riley

  6. What We're Reading...

    i wish my childhood lunches had been filled with more delightful and evocative images, so i could recount to you complete sensory detail, my memories of elementary school at noon. but alas, i had a lot of bologna …

    Categories: What We're Reading, Winnie Hsia

  7. We’re More Than Food: Mountain Brook, Alabama

    signs for inspiration and images from historical centers of the city …

    Categories: Caring for Communities, Marla Camp

  8. Save the Date, Help the World

    in the field. with images captured by whole planet foundation team members …

    Categories: Whole Planet Foundation, Holidays 2012, Daniel Vidal

  9. Celebrate Healthy Choices Every Day! #HealthYeah

    Celebrate all the little steps along the path to healthy eating. Did you add a handful of greens to your morning smoothie? Cheers! Try a new recipe today? Hooray! No matter what your goals are, it’s easier to stay on track when you have support. Since our customers are already great about sharing delicious discoveries, healthy tips and personal triumphs on social media, we’re asking folks to tag their posts #healthyeah — it’s an easy way to get support and keep the inspiration flowing.

    Categories: Healthy Eating, Paige Schilt

  10. Recipe Photo Contest: Cookie Close-Up

    to win. did you know that you can upload images to any of our recipe pages? that’s right …

    Categories: Contests, Food & Recipes, Elizabeth Beal

  11. Whole Planet Foundation Calendars: Make a Difference and Save

    The 2013 Whole Planet Foundation Calendar is in stores now with over $40 in coupons and a world of good.

    Categories: Whole Planet Foundation, Daniel Vidal

  12. Dos and Don'ts When Hosting a Passover Seder

    The Passover menu is not an easy one to create. Boston-based writer and photographer Brian Samuels shares his tried-and-true tips for setting a Seder table.

    Categories: Spring, Food & Recipes, Brian Samuels

  13. MAKE: Trash Can Composter

    nothing goes to waste in this project! the 1" cutouts made by the spade bit can be used as insulating washers in other projects. have you made your own composter? share in the comments! (images: make magazine …

    Categories: Environmental Stewardship, MAKE Magazine

  14. Cures for Midsummer Boredom

    Midsummer days seem to linger even longer when the kids are bored. Keep them occupied with these activities packed with fun projects and healthy messages.

    Categories: Kid Friendly, Whole Kids Foundation, Carly Price

  15. DIY Hand Scrub

    Get our DIY hand scrub recipe

    Categories: beauty, Whole Body, Paige Schilt

  16. Share Your Best Meal of The Week

    note: images are of similar recipes from our website, not specifically the reader's best meal …

    Categories: Food & Recipes, Paige Brady

  17. Long Line Atlantic Cod

    In the pristine waters surrounding Sudureyri, Iceland, local fishermen ensure their continued livelihood by using long lines to catch Atlantic cod, instead of large-scale trawlers.

    Categories: Seafood, David Pilat

  18. College Shopping Essentials + a Project Green Dorm Challenge

    to enter the project green dorm makeover contest . use pinterest to curate the ultimate green dorm room or living space with images and links by september 1 and you could win some phenomenal prizes , including whole foods …

    Categories: Back to School, Allison Burch

  19. Just Pin It!

    all the gorgeous images and fabulous ideas that you find on the web. when …

    Categories: Trends & New Stuff, Michael Aaron Bepko - Community Manager

  20. The Love of Beer: Do Something Reel™ Film Festival

    The Do Something Reel™ Film Festival continues this month with The Love of Beer, a film that raises a glass to women who are dedicating their lives to craft beer – and in turn fighting stereotypes and changing the way the world views women's roles.

    Categories: Do Something Reel, Green Action, Trends & New Stuff, Elizabeth Leader Smith