Walter on Bloomberg Radio: Why a Variety of Efforts Help Sales

Walter discusses fiscal fourth-quarter profit that topped analysts’ estimates as the grocery-store chain slashed prices to win over bargain-hunting shoppers. Robb speaks with Bloomberg’s Carol Massar and Michael McKee on Bloomberg Radio’s "Taking Stock" on Nov. 6.

You can listen to the interview here.


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Babs Brantley says …

Very good interview and glad that WFM is doing well. I've been a WFM shopper since 1991 here in Houston. It was a relief to find it here since I came from California and was an avid shopper at Mrs. Gooch's since they opened in the '70s. I admire what has been accomplished, though the people in your stores aren't as customer-friendly as they once were. I wish that was not so, but then again, people have devolved to be less friendly these days, it seems. I'm rambling on, so to get to my point, why does WFM kill so many trees in order to generate paper coupons? Many other stores have reverted to e-coupons, which is sooooo much more convenient. Yes, it may mean that you have to create "accounts" for your customers so that you can track what they are purchasing (which is a great marketing analysis tool, btw.) Or, if you don't want to spend the money, why not at least place the printed coupons by the items covered, which is what HEB does. I really hate having to cut out coupons and then fumbling to find them in my purse while blocking the aisles preventing my fellow shoppers to gain access to items they wish to purchase. Because I hate having to maneuver around other shoppers doing the same thing. Thanks.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@BABS - Thank you for reaching out. Some of our stores currently accept digital coupons if you pull them up on your mobile device. I'm happy to pass along your feedback to our executive team that this is something you are interested in.

Mrs Thereal says …

After going to your wholefoods Millburn store and reading this article ( inspired by one of your employees) I realized you were missing a key component. The wow factor that some of your employees exude is a key way to drive sales and create customer loyalty. I never thought of wholefoods as nothing more than a over-priced, glitzy grocery store thirstly seeking to gobble up my fixed income. This all changed after a chance encounter with a cashier who put the OW in wow. After complaining about my subtotal humorously, she smiled and asked if I knew why the priced were just a bit more than other places. I said no and she kindly asked if id like to know this lead to the most humorous, educational and purpose filled conversation (not preachy) ive ever had in any establishment Trina Jones taught me about the different ways wholefoods is not only a grocery store but a life style. Now when I shop or donate with Wholefoods I know I am helping in granting loans to women, building gardens and voting with my dollar for whole sustainability nationwide. I was impressed with her knowledge of Wholefoods and her exceptional wow factor, so much so I decided to buy Conscious Capitalism as well as learn more about your company on your website. These kinds of employees are secret weapons and I thought you'd like to know. She inspired me to drink the wholefoods Kool-Aid and its looking like a great gift indeed Thank you Mrs Thereal