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Algae as a fuel source?

Alternative fuels such as ethanol seem to be causing more problems than they solve. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were fuels that could be produced anywhere and didn’t compete with food crops for land? Algae could be one. Check out this report from ENN and let us know what you think.

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Alison Colby says …

Here's my Green Tip for apartment and condo dwellers - LIVE WITH YOUR TRASH! I recently moved from a condo with a dumpster to a townhouse with once a week pick up. In the old home I threw out my trash daily and didn't even think about it. But now since we collect our trash for a full week before putting it curb side, I was astounded by the amount of junk we generated and sent to the landfill. This has gotten us so much more vigilent with our recycling. And we set goals for ourselves, like trying to have less trash than our neighbors who seem to only use their curb every other week and then just to recycle newspapers. So if you have the option to throw out your trash daily...DON"T - save it for a week and see what kind of impact you are having on the environment and become inspired to make some changes.

Jason Bade says …

My green tip: Shake off your hands: When most people wash their hands in public restrooms, they go directly from the sink to the paper towel dispenser. If you shake off your hands in the sink for a second or two, you will be amazed at how little paper towel you then need to dry your hands. I now only need one paper towel wherever I go or about one and a half pulls of the dispenser. To get maximum towel usage, it is also important to not crumple the towel up, but to keep it flat for effective absorbency. Although this tip may seem silly, paper towels add up quickly and are usually bleached and not made from recycled paper. The less we use, the better it is for forests and landfills!