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Back to School in Green Style - 3rd Period

Hi I’m Emily. I’m starting my sophomore year in High School and have been part of Teens for Safe Cosmetics for almost a year. I am in this campaign because I believe that what my mom, sisters and friends put on our bodies daily should not be toxic. I’m looking forward to the national launch of the Teens Turning Green Collection at Whole Foods Market in a couple weeks as a way to educate my generation about greener alternatives in skin and body care products. It is truly inspiring to know that teens are making a difference when they stand up for what they believe in. These tips are not only about health but have me thinking about the impact that I can have on the planet as I get back into my routine of endless homework, emailing and talking on my cell phone. And even though we are heading back to school, the sun’s rays are still really strong — so find a non-toxic sunscreen (check link below) when you’re hanging on the beach the last few days of summer or biking to school. It’s pretty simple to start back to school with an eco outlook. Check out these tips and links, and watch Jessica talk about greening her college life in the Big Apple. Have fun!
  • Protect your skin year-round with sunscreen. Choose a safe sunscreen that actually protects your skin (look for UVA and UVB protection) and is free of toxic chemicals. Look at Environmental Working Group’s new report and complete list of safe offerings.
  • Cell phones have become indispensable tools in today’s society, but too much use can pose serious health risks. To minimize exposure to the electromagnetic energy, limit calls, turn cell phones off, wear a headset or use speakerphone, text message, and use landlines for long chats.
  • Turning off your wireless network at night not only conserves energy, but also lessen EMF exposure while you are sleeping. Even when you are not using it, the wireless signal is still transmitted throughout the home / office / school / building, etc. Take that simple precautionary step!
  • Purchase 100% post-consumer and alternative fiber paper, reuse lightly-used sheets for scratch, print on both sides whenever possible, and designate a place to keep paper isolated for easy recycling and to lessen what goes into landfills.
About Teens for Safe Cosmetics Teens for Safe Cosmetics is a coalition led by dynamic and passionate young women raising awareness about potentially harmful ingredients in beauty and daily use products that may be linked to cancer, reproductive harm and other health risks. Their mission is to educate the public about harmful chemicals found in cosmetics and personal care products, advocate for legislation that protects one’s right to health and to inspire teens across the nation to work together around these issues and create change within their communities. Teens for Safe Cosmetics launches Teens Turning Green Collection Teens for Safe Cosmetics has brought together phenomenal eco-conscious companies to create a line that attains Whole Foods Market’s Premium Body Care seal, the most comprehensive retail standards. Companies have used a holistic approach in the creation of these products, incorporating how age, variation in skin type, and environment can effect teenage skin. The line will launch exclusively at Whole Foods Market nationwide in October 2008. For the first time in history, Teens Turning Green will offer teenagers a line made specifically for their skin that is safe. Hand-selected by teenagers for safety, sustainability, and practicality, the Teens Turning Green collection is a cross-section of the best products on the market.

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Laura Jones says …

We live in Dawsonville, GA and travel great distances to your store. We know we are buying quality, healthy products. We like to buy organic good food and my husband loves to come and explore the exotic products, too. Even the staff is very nice and helpful when we are looking for a specific product. For people who have specific diet needs, Whole Foods is definitely a place to ensure we are buying delicious fruits, vegetables, breads, and meals that are tasty and fresh.