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Back to School Series / Part 3

A lot of people, parents especially, are seeking solid information on building stronger immune systems. It’s common sense that getting the right nutrients each day plays a big role in staying healthy. Today’s topic is nutrients, what are we missing, and what are special concerns for children and teens. Our guest, Malia Curran, is a nutrition consultant, who received her masters degrees from Tufts University. Malia has spent a lot of her career exploring natural approaches to traditional issues and currently sees patients at her practice in Arlington, MA.

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Nan of Life is Like a Lunchbox says …

Very good information. Just what I needed to hear!

Lisa C says …

nice coverage!

Nancy says …

Good info and great timing, my children just started back to school. It can always be a time for colds at our house, I look forward to supporting their little systems this year!

Robert Fried says …

Hello and congratulations on providing a fun and informative blog. I would like to start my own blog on here, but do not see a way to do it. I tried asking Whole Foods, but the email option asked me store related questions. Would someone be kind enoguh to email me instructions. My blog would mention the importance of proper nutrition including eating whole foods, low glycemic index carbohydrates and plenty of vegetable and some fruit as well as the importance of managing stress and how massage is a great way to do that. Thank you.