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Back to School: Smart Food Choices

It’s the start of a new school year, and with it comes new goals and new opportunities for kids to shine in school! Whether you’re a kid or an adult, there’s always something new to learn, and that includes learning about making smart food choices. Here are some tips to help you choose the best — and best tasting — foods so you can score an A+ in school year meals:
  1. Choose meat, poultry and dairy products from animals not given added hormones or antibiotics. Read the label carefully, or choose organics.
  2. Fish around for safer, more sustainable seafood. Know the source. Ask about mercury content. When choosing farm-raised, look for fish never given added hormones or antibiotics.
  3. Trade hydrogenated oils and trans fats for foods with better fats, including olives, nuts and nut butters, avocados, seeds, eggs and certain types of fish.
  4. Favor fresh fruits and veggies, particularly organics, and eat a rainbow of colors. When you need a shortcut, choose frozen over canned.
  5. Skip the artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners. Savor the taste of unadulterated real foods.
  6. Lighten up on refined sugar. Satisfy a sweet tooth with fresh or dried fruit.
  7. Avoid high-fructose corn syrup. You may be surprised where you find it, so always check the label.
  8. Go for whole grains. You’ll get more fiber, and in many cases more protein and essential vitamins.
  9. Say yes to organics whenever you can. You’ll lessen exposure to toxic, persistent pesticides and help the planet, too!
  10. Nix the nitrates and nitrites added to lunchmeats and bacon. Whole Foods Market offers meats with no synthetic nitrates or nitrites.
We make it pretty easy to follow these tips because our strict Quality Standards don’t allow foods with high fructose corn syrup, artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives to even step foot in our stores. Gearing up for a fresh start? Leave a comment to tell us how you’re making the switch to smarter food choices this school year!

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Nicole La Placa says …

These are key points I share with my clients during our Health Coaching sessions. I also host monthly workshops and am on a weekly radio show. Thank for sharing this blog with so many people! Whole Food rocks! I shop at the Tempe, Arizona location several times a week!

Wen Sun says …

Switching to organics for the dirty dozen!

Liz says …

Great to hear you kicked HFCs out!!!

Theresa Markey says …

How about a recipe book, pamphlet, anything you may suggest. I need to make a healthy lunch they won't toss.:)

tammy huffman says …

Going Vegan, all the way"!

Veghead says …

I've been a pescatarian for the last 6 years and I have noticed that, even though I am much better at my diet now than when I started 6 years ago, my carb content and often unhealthy snack foods are increasing due to my lack of time. All of my groceries are organic and I try to make myself fruit smoothies with soy protein every morning, but I would like to start making my mid-day snacks consist of more healthy choices. Dried fruit instead of a bag of chips. So all of these suggestions are very helpful in motivating me! Thanks!

alyssa says …

I began my journey into whole foods about 6 months ago after struggling with minor health issues. I started with educating myself and then slowly switched food products from regular to organic. I started with milk and meats. Then fruit and veggies. Now I am slowly helping my children adjust to organic and more natural foods. I have two picky eaters and packed lunches have been tricky. It will take time, but soon, we will be a completely organic and natural foods eating family. I am excited about the health benefits and cringe when I think about all of the toxins we have been eating!!! It's an investment worth making.

Kirsten says …

What to do about a picky eater- 2 year old starting preschool?