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Cast Iron Cookware and Catfish

Dive into naturally raised catfish, along with the benefits and how-tos of cast iron cookware. We even tie the two together and offer up a delicious recipe for cooking catfish in a cast iron skillet.

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kate in atx says …

Hi Ivy, thanks for the comment. Cast iron is an all-around great choice for cooking. It distributes and retains heat well and can be heated to high temperatures. Heat a little oil or butter in the pan. Check that the oil is hot before adding the veggies—test by adding one piece. If it sizzles briskly in the oil, add the rest of the vegetables and cook, stirring, until they are golden and crisp. Make sure the pan is not crowded—if you have too much in it, the food will steam rather than brown. Cook in two batches if necessary. Technically, sauté means cooking food in a small amount of fat over brisk heat, shaking the pan vigorously so that the food “jumps” (sauter is the French word for "jump"). Cast iron, as heavy as it is, does not lend itself to such easy maneuvering, so you probably won’t want to use the shaking and tossing method to turn the food. You can turn the food by stirring or using tongs. Happy cooking!

Patrick Collins says …

I use cast iron to saute my veggies (and pretty much cook everything else). Use oil - olive oil seems to work best, in terms of flavor and ease - as water will make your pan rust.

admin says …

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Is cast iron also good for sauteing vegetables? Should one use water or oil to saute?

How to build a boat says …

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chris @ best stainless steel cookware says …

I always use cast iron cookware as I find it to be the best