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Catfish Tacos with Thai Cabbage Slaw

Get the recipe for Catfish Tacos with Thai Cabbage Slaw Thanks for watching and please leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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Scott Simons says …

Kimberly and Kathy, thank you for the feedback! Please keep watching....another one coming on Monday! Scott

Tim says …

I really enjoyed the quality of the production. I could see the texture of the food.

Janis says …

These first few webcasts are understandably raw for a first venture ... it's part of their charm ... and I look forward to watching "Secret Ingredient" mature with each episode. What a treat to watch them from the outset. Thank you for counting me in!

la_florecita says …

These are GREAT! I'm just starting to watch them and I can't wait to try this recipe substituting tofu or portobellos for the catfish. (Note to self- don't watch these before lunch, you will just be disappointed with other food.)

Kimberly Kelley says …

I thought the video was fantastic. I have recently changed the way I eat to a more natural and nutritional way and am excited about finding new ways to cook fish. I will definately try the catfish taco recipe, keep up the great work.

scott says …

Tim, Janis, la florecita, and Kimberly, Thank you for the great feedback. Please keep watching and letting us hear your thoughts.