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Children’s Body Care

Supporting the health of a child’s skin is an important consideration for every parent. From baby to teen, discover which ingredients are most beneficial and how to choose better body care for kids. Jessica Iclisoy is the founder of California Baby, a full line of natural skin care products for babies, kids and sensitive adults.

Choosing better body care products to support the health of a child’s skin is an important consideration for every parent:  
  • Most conventional skin cleansers include ingredients that are harsh and stripping of the skin’s protective oils, leaving the skin dry and open to irritation. Reading labels is a must.
  • Look for glucosides in shampoos, hand cleansers and bubble baths, which are very mild, non-stripping and extremely biodegradable natural cleansers.
Stocking the household with body care products that the whole family can use may not be the best solution for different ages and skin types:
  • Babies and kids have different skin types and different needs than adults for their personal care products.
  • Adults with sensitive skin and teens have a similar skin profile as babies in that they all need very gentle cleansers, non-irritating moisturizers and a natural mineral-based sunscreen. The entire family can share products formulated for baby.
  • Start with a baby shampoo that can be left in the hair for a minute to clean away gel or styling products. A baby shampoo leaves the hair’s natural oils intact resulting in soft shiny hair.
Give careful thought when choosing products like diaper area washes, powders and creams for baby’s sensitive skin:
  • Diaper rash cream is classified as an over-the-counter-drug (OTC) and must be made in an FDA approved facility.
  • Look for an ultra-purified (USP) grade lanolin to act as a water barrier vs mineral oil or fish oil.
  • Talc-powder should be avoided because it is very light weight and can burrow deep into the lungs. Look instead for bases of moisture-absorbing clays and cornmeal.
Sunscreen plays a significant role in protecting the health of a child’s skin:
  • Choose non-chemical mineral-based sunscreens with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These are physical barriers that scatter and reflect the UV rays as opposed to absorbing them.
Also look for “VERY water resistant” as this indicates that the sunscreen stays effective for 80 minutes while in water or sweating. Water resistant = 40 minutes

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A says …

The 40 and 80 minutes for water resistance are part of the new FDA rules passed this summer. The rules don't go into effect until next summer, so claims on bottles before then should be considered with this in mind.

Dee says …

This is great! It's important to know what natural products to use on sensitive skins and avoiding harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives. Jessica's top tips are awesome - didn't know about stripping skin of essential oils - will definitely decrease sulfate use

Anna Pry says …

I'm glad I already use an organic natural baby wash/shampoo, my older daughter uses it too

Sheila Vives says …

I am so glad someone is talking about this. Everything we put on our skin can go into the body. I often worry about what pregnant women may be introducing into their unborn children. I know of one skin care product that is a typical over the counter product that contains an ingredient that can cause birth defects. We should always stay to all natural products whenever possible. But be sure to learn the ingredients on the label. Ad's can be misleading as can the front labels on product packages.

Whitney McQuarry says …

Thanks for posting this. I am the mother of two kids with VERY sensitive skin. All natural products are great for their delicate skin. I also worry about what chemicals are being absorbed through their skin so my husband and I stick to the all natural and organic products for our household.

Shelly Smith says …

Thank you! I also am a mother of 3 small boys and they all have very sensitive skin! This was very informative!!