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The Choptank Oyster Company – Cambridge, Maryland

The Choptank Oyster Company is a thriving oyster hatchery and farm that produces high quality oysters, while also helping to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Traditionally, millions of bushels of oysters have been harvested annually from the waters surrounding Dorchester County, Maryland, up until the 1970’s when harvest numbers began to drop off substantially as a result of over harvesting. However, The Choptank Oyster Company is helping to turn this situation around by culturing and spawning millions of native oysters in the bay at any one time.

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David says …

Not bad, but they taste like a West Coast oyster - read 'metallic'. My first experience was at Truluck's in Ft Lauderdale. They were small but reasonably OK. I'll be looking for other oysters in future.

sjfiske says …

We love these and hope WholeFoods keeps providing them -- at least thru oyster season. I am a well-educated oyster consumer. These are delicious, although small. Creamy - yes! not metallic to our taste. a measured amount of salt --not a strong taste. While aren't they availabile in Cambridge? They need to have a local outlet. I would love to visit the hatchery. and where in the Choptank are they located -- I know it's privatized info -- but I mean in general. I ean at its mouth, or in one of the creeks. \ Great!