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Earth Day Series, Part 1

While we like to celebrate Earth Day every day, the official day actually falls on April 22. Throughout April, check out our weekly podcasts focusing on things each of us can do to help the planet. Find out how easy it is to do your part.

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Mike G. says …

So, keep my old clothes around to give to family members, b/c if I don't want them surely somebody in my family wouldn't mind wearing them. Try to actively go backwards and not use any of the advances that make life convenient and more productive (i.e. reduce or stop using my latptop, ipod or pc, stop turning on the heat or A/C, don't use any warm/hot water to clean my clothes, etc). Recycle and use my own nylon or burlap bag to shop for groceries . . . of course I'd need 4 to 6 bags to shop for a family of four, not to mention washing it 4 or 5 times in cold water before they'd be as clean as one washing in warm/hot water. Hmmm, no thanks. I like progress and all its conveniences. There's a reason we live longer, are more productive and have made great scientific advances in the last 100 years, and none of it is due to reducing our "carbon footprint" or conserving. We are all carbon producing machines, from our constant exhaling to our decaying bodies once we pass. Carbon dioxide is not a bad, evil gas, it's a natural part of the earth and its lifecycle. CO2 represents a whopping 0.0033% of the earth's atmoshpere (check NASA stats), nothing to worry about here folks. Instead, worry about things that actually make a difference to the world we live in. Be a responsible citizen and live within your means. Volunteer at VA hospitlas or cancer centers for children. Make a difference in someone's life, and stop being a zombie in the new earth religion. Finally, stick to selling good food products Whole Foods and not becoming just another annoying voice in the crowded blather of blogs. Do you know how much CO2 is used to produce, host, commute for the cast and crew, electric power to operate the servers and countless PC's/laptops needed to listen and react to your green blog? Mike G. Chicago, IL

Mary says …

Why are yur podcasts, like this one not being updated in iTunes? The last posting for this Podcast is 2/7/08! The one for Be Good to Your Whole Body was last updated in iTunes on 3/6/08. Please update these! I don't have time to listen on my computer -- I need them on my iPod!

mod*mom says …

great reminders! switching to hot water heaters to one that only heats water when you need it, is something i want to get too. i hate that the water is heated 24 hours a day. what a waste