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FAQs from Our Global Office

As the receptionist at the Whole Foods Market Global Support offices, I’m here to help set the record straight on recurring questions that I receive daily from interested investors, customers and potential new Team Members. Here are a few I’ve answered recently:

Q:  “How can I ask Whole Foods Market to donate to my organization?”

A: The decentralized structure of our company has advantages, especially when it comes to community giving. We provide donations and sponsorships on three levels — local, regional or national — depending on your organization’s needs and how they match with our donation budgets and our goals for community involvement.

If your organization is local, or for an event taking place in one city or state, you should contact your local store.

For an organization or event with a larger footprint, contact the regional office that serves the state in which your organization is based. They might be able to offer assistance.

For national or global partnerships, we work with partners who are aligned with our Core Values and who offer visibility to our brand.

You’ll need to submit your proposal online. Due to the quantity of requests we receive, we do not respond to every request. You’ll receive a response if there is interest in the partnership.

If you have additional questions regarding national sponsorships, email global.sponsorships@wholefoods.com.

Q: “Can I order products online?”

A: We offer online ordering for gift cards, seasonal gift boxes, and holiday meals and prepared foods. Make sure to check your local store to see the specific options that are available. We do not currently have an online system for ordering products for sale in our stores.

You can reach out to your local store to see if they have shipping options available, as various stores offer such programs.

If you find that your local store does not offer shipping, you’re still in luck! For a nominal fee, the concierge desk at our Flagship store located in Austin, Texas, will ship non-alcoholic, non-perishable items to US addresses.

If you are looking for special-diet products, the Lamar store has a list of the products available at their location. Remember that products are subject to availability and if you have any questions, just ask!

Q: “I live near a vacant building that would be perfect for a Whole Foods Market, who should I contact?”

A: The Real Estate section of our website has the list of guidelines we follow when looking for a new store location.

You’ll find what we look for in the city and the specifications of the building itself. If the location meets our parameters, the next step is to reach out to a broker in your area, which you can find on our Master Broker list.

Send as much information as possible to the broker, including photographs, building plans and area demographics.

You can also email us your suggestion for a store location.

I hope I’ve helped answer some of the questions you’ve had about Whole Foods Market.

Got others? Let me know in the comments below.

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Debbie Moore says …

I want to know what foods you recommend that I eat for a consistently high blood pressure reading particularly in systolic (the figure above) which is always usually between 150-162. Deb

says …

@Debbie Since we are a grocery, we cannot make claims of this nature. Please reach out to your physician to learn which foods will work best to combat your high blood pressure. Thanks.

Charlene says …

I attended a seminar today in West Orange and discovered your store in conversation. I decided to try it after the seminar ended at 4pm. The entrance was inviting and I was surprised at the variety of fruit, spreads and delecious bath products. However my experience was ruined by 2 employee encounters who were rude and bothered by me asking for help finding a specific item. This was my first shopping experience at a Whole Foods and probably my last. I have never written to a company before, but this has really stuck with me. I hope you work on improving your customer assistance.

says …

@Charlene: Thank you for your comments. I've sent your frustration to the Customer Service team for response. Please expect an email response from that team.

FN says …

Your "Broker List" is not available online. The link goes to a dead link when its clicked on.

Roxanne says …

I am thoroughly disgusted with Whole Foods standing on the sidelines re. Proposition 37 when a large donation from you could make the difference in whether pivotal ads and information re. prop 37 swing the vote in favour of REAL food and fundamental food rights. You speak about providing natural products etc. but when push comes to shove, you are nothing but another corporate coddling appeaser who have compromised the ethics you are supposed to stand for. For shame!