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Frozen Treats

popsicklesSummer is officially here and, to me, 4th of July celebrations seem like the perfect place to indulge in a bit of frozen fun. In this podcast, recipe developer Cindy Cuomo shares her ideas about frozen treats like innovative ice cream sandwiches, frozen fruit salads and red, white and blue sundaes. Popsicles and sparklers, anyone? Got a favorite 4th of July memory involving cold treats? I remember eating a whole can of black olives while waiting for the hand-cranked ice cream to freeze. A big bowl of ice cream on top of the olives made me sooooo sick! Listen in and share your memories.

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Stefanie Schmidt says …

These frozen treats sound amazing. I love making my own granitas and sorbets at home with frozen fruit. It is a lot healthier than ice cream and the 365 frozen fruits cost less. For a quick treat, I freeze grapes or blend up frozen strawberries and freeze them in ice cube trays.

Pandurangan says …

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abby says …

lately i am eating a lot of coconut milk ice cream, like Coconut Bliss's Mint Chip. really great & no dairy!

terri says …

What happend to the frozen ice cream w/ chocolate coating squares, similar to Klondike bars only better. I couldn not find them at my last shopping visit, do you still carry them??? Help, I love those!