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sarah says ...
I got these HUGE canvas bags at Ikea about 5 years and never looked back. They don't sell them anymore and I don't know why. They are great I have never gotten a plastic bag since (except for when I buy meat). The plastic bags I do get when I buy produce I reuse when we take our dogs for a walk to pick up their "business". I have even brought the canvas bags to the mall. The stores don't like though! There was 1 time I returned the items I had just purchased because the MANAGER wouldn't let me put them in my own bag. It amazes me that there are some stores out there that would rather you advertise for them than help the planet.
03/31/2008 12:52:50 PM CDT
Ron says ...
I love to shop at WholeFoods (Harry's Farmers Market (Atlanta , Ga) I'm bringing my own paper bags and if I don't have enough accept the paper that "Harry's" has . My biggest problem is seeing every plastic container and bag for the fresh food, fresh bread, fresh veggies, etc. Whole foods has taken the first step by using paper at checkout.- but what can be done to get from fresh food to the check out.? Today I laid the fresh veggies in my cart. (after all I will wash them before I use them anyway) WHY even offer to the customer a PLASTIC bag to put the broccolli in, etc.? Instead put signs up to suggest the customer bring their own paper bags. I want to ban all plastic bags.... just as many cities and towns around the world are beginning to do.. I think San Fransisco ( or Los Angeles) , CA will be the first US city to ban plastic bags.
03/28/2008 6:21:03 PM CDT
Maida Genser says ...
The problem with not giving customers the option of plastic bags is that some of us still need to get plastic bags from somewhere for waste disposal. My condo association requires us to dispose of trash in double plastic bags. I just ordered some biodegradable garbage bags online (elsewhere - could not find them on the Whole Foods web site). I think that Whole Food should supply a whole solution, and sell biodegradable bags at checkout for people who need them.
04/26/2008 12:19:00 PM CDT
BlogShag says ...
The only problem I have with reusable bags is that they're difficult to remember to use. Leaving them on the front car seat helps, but it's not something I want to do cause it's messy. I'm shocked at the other reader on here claiming that department stores don't like those reusable bags. I've never had a problem anywhere I've brought my bags
02/22/2011 10:58:33 PM CST
Robert says ...
I enjoyed knowing today, Whole Foods Market, south will be carrying PrideGreen's Biodegrable food and storage zip-n-seal bags which come from recycled materials and are all FDA approved. Its about time! So many sandwich bags are being used, and these I love are Biodegradable and recyclable. Such great news. My family uses 100's of sandwich bags for kids lunches....its nice knowing that these are saving the planet one bag at a time. I also bought the PrideGreen tall kitchen bags which are great as well and come with a draw-string. Best product on the market for sure. Thanks so much. I love knowing that Whole Foods is making positive changes in making our earth sustainable.
04/27/2011 10:48:28 AM CDT