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Guayakí Yerba Mate Helps the Ache Tribe

Ever heard of the BBC World Challenge? We hadn’t until one of our vendors became a finalist this year!  The purpose of the challenge is to “highlight and reward small businesses around the world that bring economic, social and environmental benefits to local communities through innovation and enterprise at a grassroots level.”

Guayakí, a company whose yerba mate we’re pleased to carry, has been selected as one of 12 finalists (out of 640 entries!) for their partnership with the Ache tribe in Paraguay. Watch their video, read more about their work with the Ache and then vote for Guayakí on the BBC World Challenge web site. If Guayakí wins, the Ache tribe will receive $20,000 to support food security in their local community. Even if you haven’t tried their delicious yerba mate yet, you’ve probably seen their distinctive yellow and green packaging in our stores. Guayakí’s organic yerba mate is available in loose leaf and tea bags, ready-to-drink in bottles or cans and energy shots. Robustly flavored and naturally caffeinated, Guayakí likes to say yerba mate combines the strength of coffee with the health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate. Yerba mate’s been consumed for hundreds of years by people in South America, particularly in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. In the rainforests of Paraguay, Guayakí partners with the indigenous Ache tribe to grow, market and sell shade-grown yerba mate. Shade-grown means rainforest trees don’t need to be cut down to make room for the yerba mate plants. It’s part of Guayakí’s broader mission “to steward and restore 200,000 acres of South American Atlantic rainforest and create over 1,000 living wage jobs by 2020 by leveraging our Market Driven Restoration business model.”   This mission, partnership and business model captured the attention of the BBC World News and got Guayakí a place in the World Challenge finals. Voting for the BBC World Challenge ends November 11. While you can only vote once, there’s plenty of time to spread the word to your friends. The winner will be announced on November 26. Additional details are available on the BBC World Challenge website. Show your support for their mission by voting for Guayakí in the World Challenge , and remember, “the more mate you drink, the more rainforest you protect.” Have you tried yerba mate? What do you like about it?

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Beth M. says …

I'm in love with Guayaki's Yerbe Mate's Drinks. Yerbe has such a distinct flavor to it and provides 100% natural energy thanks to the natural caffeine that it contains. It's my alternative to coffee. They have some very delicious flavors, my favorite being the Pure Mind. What's even better is that I know every purchase I make goes to such an amazing cause!!

Kees VanBergeijk says …

I have been drinking Mate for about 3 years now and it is my favorite drink. Just like the video says, its all the energy of coffee, but with a euphoria of chocolate. It's not the jittery, nervous energy of coffee or energy drinks either. You feel like you have complete and total clarity,its a serene, calm and focused energy. Guayaki is an amazing company and everything they make is committed to being environmentally friendly, healthy, and supportive to the Ache Guayaki people. Stephen Karr, one of the heads of Guayaki has really helped create the American market for Mate and is an amazing Human Being. If anybody deserves to win this challenge, it's them.

Stump says …

I had my first cup of mate about about 6 weeks ago, and was immediately compelled to devoted myself to the cup a day lifestyle. It is truly an amazing beverage. Thanks to Guayaki, I can incorporate Yerba Mate's full spectrum of benefits: including organic, natural energy; warm, earthy, liquid satisfaction; and continuous contribution towards, not only the advancement of global economic maturity, but the preservation and reintroduction of one of the finest examples of biodiversity on our planet. BAM! Talk about bang for your buck..

Jenna says …

I've been drinking Guayaki's yerba mata for awhile now, but I wasn't aware that it is shade grown and is providing an income for indigenous people groups. This is totally the kind of company I want to support.

Jane G says …

Guayaki’s yerba mate is divine!

Gloria Romero says …

Hola! I'm from Paraguay. Our national drink is the TERERÉ and is just cold water with yerba mate. Is so refreshing! You have to taste it!!

Gloria Romero says …

Hola! I'm from Paraguay. Our national drink is the TERERÉ and is just cold water with yerba mate. Is so refreshing! You have to taste it!! And is totally organic.