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Healthy Liver for Healthy Weight

By Mara Fleishman, January 17, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Mara Fleishman
Listen in to this encore presentation.
Tune in to learn about the important connection between your liver and weight control. Get the scoop on the role of healthy cleansing for weight loss, and pick up some smart tips for lasting lifestyle changes that help maintain healthy weight. Dr. Holly Lucille is a licensed naturopathic physician, specializing in women’s wellness and family medicine. She is an expert on women’s health issues and past president of the California Naturopathic Doctor’s Association.




Stephanie says ...
Wow I have wanted to try healthy cleansing for weight loss ever since I heard this was a Hollywood trick for losing weight quick. Thanks to your tips I now know the health approach to this.
01/16/2008 1:41:07 PM CST
Saramanda says ...
Never took time to think much about the liver- but always obsessed about weight- it is nice to know about the connection- great podcasts! Please keep them going.
01/16/2008 7:39:19 PM CST
Sara B. says ...
I like that she pushed a whole body cleanse instead of focusing on just one organ.
01/19/2008 9:46:57 AM CST
Dawnette says ...
Interesting podcast - I am convicted about sharing what I know about health and wellness and glad to hear more great info and wise advice on getting a better ballance in our bodies - thanks - it's so true if you always do what you've always done - you'll always get what you've always gotten - so bring on the healthy changes! ;-D (Thanks ModMom for letting me know about this series of podcasts too)
01/20/2008 4:39:12 PM CST
Michelle C. says ...
I'll give it a try.
01/20/2008 8:17:30 PM CST
Gradon Tripp says ...
Great information. Thanks!
01/22/2008 10:21:45 AM CST
antonina says ...
although therevwas some good information given- I don't feel that this pod cast was as informative as the other two in this series. I wish that there was a little more infoation given on the whole body as was on what to take to cleanse the liver.
01/23/2008 9:20:05 AM CST
Doreen says ...
Great podcast, very informative!
01/26/2008 8:52:45 PM CST
Kim says ...
Very informative, I took notes.
01/28/2008 12:37:51 PM CST
Caryn Bailey says ...
Thank you for that very informative podcast! I had no idea the role cleansing has in weight loss!
01/28/2008 11:17:30 PM CST
Ashley says ...
Interesting, some things I never thought of.
01/29/2008 9:34:26 AM CST
Ashley says ...
I'd like to try it.
01/29/2008 9:35:23 AM CST
Danai says ...
I have always been interested in doing a cleanse and found the podcast very informative and will help me in making my decision as to what cleanse I want to do.
01/29/2008 9:43:41 AM CST
Lissete says ...
Great podcast! I have been interested in cleansing for a while now and this podcast was very informative! I'm off to listen to the others. I was referred by: http://modmom.blogspot.com/
01/29/2008 12:03:09 PM CST
Annabelle (Christian Momma) says ...
Very interesting. I'm going to have to look into doing a detox.
01/29/2008 1:32:00 PM CST
Bonnie Day says ...
I never had thought about the liver before and learned so much with this podcast. I had only heard of colon cleansing so this was very new to me I am glad that modmom.blogspot.com sent me here Thank you for these podcasts
01/29/2008 4:31:48 PM CST
sal williams says ...
I have never really gotten the part about cleansing but now I understand the process better. Thanks. Very informative.
01/29/2008 4:34:40 PM CST
chelsea says ...
I've had a few friends do a cleansing and they've all had very different results. I'd be interested in doing this...thanks for the information!
01/29/2008 6:18:23 PM CST
chandler says ...
Thanks so much for the great information! I've been reading up on doing a cleanse, but was getting a lot of differing views. The podcast was succinct and provided a lot of great information!
01/29/2008 9:15:21 PM CST
Lisa G. says ...
I have heard alot about cleansing but have always felt hesitant about trying it out. This podcast helps me feel alot more comfortable and better educated about cleansing. The tips for cleansing are very helpful.
01/29/2008 10:15:39 PM CST
Christina W. says ...
Wow - I had no idea! Thanks for the information - now to apply it. Also thanks to mod*mom for directing me this way.
01/30/2008 10:25:59 AM CST
Christina W. says ...
whoops! forgot the website!
01/30/2008 10:29:33 AM CST
Katie says ...
We need a cleansing here, thanks for all the great info!
01/30/2008 11:50:03 AM CST
Bronwyn says ...
I did not know that the liver is where the "burning" of fat takes place. No wonder we need to cleanse. Thanks for the information. Great tips on staying conscious and honoring our own committments to getting healthy.
01/30/2008 11:59:17 AM CST
Pure and Sensible says ...
Referred here by modmom.blogspot.com and I am so glad! I've listened to all 3 podcasts of this series and I have been greatly encouraged! Thank you Whole Foods for creating these!
01/30/2008 12:11:05 PM CST