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Homemade Popsicles! Come and Get ‘em!

By Christine O'Connor, August 8, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Christine O'Connor

In this ongoing blog series, Christine, a budget-minded first-time Mom and Team Member, explores ways to create healthy, organic foods that appeal to both toddler and husband. See other posts on making vegetable soup out of a pea base, a carrot ginger soup from locally grown carrots, finger foods, zucchini pesto, berry cobbler and a green smoothie. As I kid, I would run down the street after the Good Humortruck in search of the perfect summer treat. Most of my friends would go for the ice cream-based varieties like chocolate éclairs and devilish cookie sandwiches. But the sno-cones, Italian ices and popsicles always appealed to me. There’s something about flavored ice that’s just so refreshing. During these hot summer months, I want my son to be able to enjoy a treat. But as a health-conscious mother, I want him to enjoy his treat without all of the added sugar and artificial colors and flavors. When I couldn’t find a store-bought popsicle that met all my requirements, I set out to make them at home instead. The hardest part was finding the right popsicle molds. My qualifications were: BPA-free, no-drip handle and dishwasher-safe. After sifting through many products online, I clicked my way to the perfect set. I felt like a kid again. I couldn’t wait for the popsicle molds to arrive in the mail and when they did, I started whipping up different batches. I tried a variety of different fruity mixes and my family enjoyed being taste testers. Even the dog pitched in to help.Finally, I arrived on what I found to be the perfect recipe and, in fact, what I believe to be the best recipe of my ongoing blog series! The recipe is simple: 1 “overflowing” cup of fruit, ½ cup of fresh squeezed juice — no added sugar needed! Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of organic fruit sliced (a mix of strawberries, peaches, watermelon)
  • ½ cup of fresh squeezed orange juice (2 to 3 organic oranges, depending on the size)

The first step is to prepare the fruit. You can choose any fruits that you like, but I found organic strawberries, peaches and watermelons to be the perfect combination. The strawberries for their sweetness, the peaches for their smooth texture and the watermelon for their juiciness. I started by peeling one peach, removing its core and cutting it into small pieces. I used about half of the peach for the recipe. Then, I washed a batch of strawberries and removed their stems, using a few for the recipe. I also carved a watermelon and chopped it into small chunks. (The leftovers make a lovely fruit salad). For the recipe, I only used one cup of fruit, but I suggest making it an “overflowing” cup. The more fruit, the merrier. Then, I washed and squeezed a couple of organic oranges to get one half cup of liquid. I used two small oranges that were well-ripe, so I was able to get enough juice, but you may need to use three oranges (depending on their juiciness). The oranges provide the right amount of tang to this treat! Then, you simply blend the fruit and orange juice for 1 minute. Pour it into your molds and freeze. I froze my pops overnight, but really it’s best to follow the directions provided on the back of the box of popsicle holders. The same philosophy goes for the amount of fruit that you use. Please follow the recipe on the back of your popsicle box for the correct volume since sizing may vary. Want to give these treats a try without special popsicle holders? I haven’t tried it myself but I hear that you can use small paper cups with popsicle sticks instead. Fill the cups to 2/3 full, cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil, cut a small slit in the middle and insert a popsicle stick (the wrap helps the stick stand up straight while it freezes). Place in the freezer and, once frozen, peel the cup off and lick away. Once the popsicles are frozen, you can call for your family to: “Come and get ‘em!” If your husband and son (and dog!) are like mine, they will be very pleased. This is one of those recipes that you can truly make your own. Be creative and find the perfect fruit mix for your family. I’d love to hear what fruits you like best!




Shawanda says ...
As a child, my mother would provide tasty, economical, summer treats by freezing Kool-Aid in small, paper cups. For an added bonus, she'd throw in a little fruit cocktail, which would settle to the bottom. What a delightful surprise. We rarely experienced the convenience of a popsicle stick. However, a metal spoon served us kids just fine. Using frozen fruit and fruit juice is a great idea. I never thought of it from the health food angle. Thanks for sharing.
08/08/2011 6:29:53 PM CDT
Lisa says ...
Hi- Can you share where you found the popsicle molds? I will definitely be trying these out for my 4 year old! Thanks for sharing.
08/09/2011 7:59:24 AM CDT
Christine OConnor says ...
Thanks for the excellent responses! I found the popsicle molds on reuseit.com. They are made by Orka.
08/09/2011 12:07:15 PM CDT
Peggy says ...
Wonderful article! A refreshing healthy treat for summer. Like the idea of low sugar. The fruit should provide enough natural sugar. Nice about the BPA-free popsicle molds. Adorable healthy looking baby and cute dog.
08/09/2011 12:37:49 PM CDT
Sharon says ...
I've been enjoying a similar version of this snack all summer. I puree berries and add plain greek yogurt. I am a diabetic so I include a little splenda sweetener. Puree all together and pour in pop molds and freeze. A delicious frozen yogurt. The fruit varieties are limitless and I sometimes will just freeze Vitamin Water Zero fruit drink in the pop molds during really, really hot weather! Believe it or not, I found the popsicle molds at my local dollar store for, yes, $1.
08/13/2011 9:35:01 AM CDT
Miranda says ...
This sounds delicious! Where did you find the molds? I have been looking for something similar but I love the shape of those molds. So Fun!
08/13/2011 11:49:33 AM CDT
Miranda says ...
Oops! I just read your previous comment. Sorry!
08/13/2011 11:54:50 AM CDT
Mrs. Bailey says ...
I love fruit smoothies and my hubby loves Popsicles- so we make a double batch and freeze half for him! Frozen fruit, some apple juice to bring out the sweetness and sometimes we even hide some veggies in the mix for little ones that may be visiting. If you're looking for something a little creamier, plain or vanilla yogurt can bring it up a notch!
08/13/2011 12:11:18 PM CDT
Andrea says ...
Citrus can be harmful to dogs. It is best not to feed them foods until you have verified whether or not the food item is non-toxic to dogs. The ASPCA has a database search on their website that allows you to check this.
08/13/2011 12:44:41 PM CDT
Marian Gall says ...
My mom used to make popsicles from canned apricots. Put 2-3 of the halves in the mold and fill with the juice. So good. I know they are from a can but back then that wasn't a dirty word.
08/13/2011 1:28:13 PM CDT
Jeslyn Hamming says ...
My son is going to be ten, and during the school/summer camp mornings it can be hard to get him to eat a decent breakfast. So I have been making homemade popsicles and I add vanilla protein powder to them, so he gets a great start to his day and a fresh frozen treat for hot mornings!
08/14/2011 12:33:30 PM CDT
sue says ...
A "New" family favorite? Tee hee, people have been making homemade poposicles for at least 30 years. The little plastic molds to make them show up at Kmart and Target every summer, simply fill and freeze. Nice article, but reporters use the word "new" about as reliably as do advertisers trying to hawk stuff to the public.
08/15/2011 8:37:42 AM CDT
Cassandra Lowe says ...
I made something similar to that. It had 1/4 tsp of chopped fresh basil in it!
08/15/2011 9:20:46 AM CDT
Karen says ...
Yum! We've been making popsicles this summer too. It's so HOT in Austin TX! My favorite is a combo of pineapple, mango and fresh baby spinach (YES spinach) and a good amount of coconut water for the electrolytes and to smooth it all out. My 2 year old is in love with them and so is my husband!
08/16/2011 2:53:28 PM CDT
linda Goodman says ...
We pack our grand daughter's lunch occasionally and I have found she is more likely to eat what she has picked out at Whole Foods and/or helped to prepared. Thanks for all the useful tips on the videos. It would be great to win the certificate and be able to purchase some lunch containers that would help the food get to lunch time and still taste good. Thanks
08/17/2011 9:22:43 PM CDT
Gourmet Popsicle Miami says ...
Those look great!
04/29/2012 10:08:22 PM CDT