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If Kids Ruled the World

Proud papa Jim sent us this “If Kids Ruled the World” video saying, “The kids (and parents) at my son's preschool are so happy that you are eliminating disposable plastic shopping bags that they all got together and made a professional looking video about the subject. The video was shot at the local Whole Foods (in Los Altos, CA) with store permission and it end up winning second place at the local Earth Day film festival.” Hmmm…think any child labor laws are being violated here?

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Amy Lee says …

Very cute video with a great message! Loved the humor and the children are so adorable. It's also cool that the kids are getting an early start on living green. I love their choice in groceries! :)

Gabrielle says …

I LOVE that video! So incredibly cute. When the little girl screams, "I BROUGHT MY OWN BAG!" at the register, she reminds me so much of me. I always have to stop the bagger from using plastic (not at Whole Foods, not anymore) or paper. :)

david says …

I have seen the stories about plastic bags for years. I though basically "so what if they stay in landfills for ever". Well, the problem is that they do not stay in landfills. We recently bought some very isolated property in the hills of tennessee. We enjoy hiking around our land and watching the birds and other wildlife. It was quite upsetting to find a plastic bag hanging in a tree at least 12 miles from the nearest town and 5 miles from our nearest neighbor. Since that time we have found numerous plastic bags on the property. Thanks for taking these hazards out of your stores.

Jeanette Boggs says …

Great job kids (and parents, too)!! If only shopping could be that enjoyable everyday. What a relief to hear someone else shout "I brought my own bags!". I feel like I'm educating many of the store employees where I shop most often, which is not a Whole Foods store (my Whole Foods is three hours away, so I really stock up). Thank you for sharing a wonderful message that will never grow old.