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Let’s Cook: Kale Waldorf Salad

By Allison Kociuruba, August 23, 2013  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Allison Kociuruba

The combination of apples, walnuts, celery and grapes in Waldorf salad is a classic. Here Healthy Eating Chef Chad shows us how to keep that traditional creamy dressing without using any mayonnaise (watch to find out the secret!) and adds kale instead of lettuce to give it a punch of nutrients. Then try it at home with this Kale Waldorf Salad recipe.




Lisa Gautier says ...
This looks so fresh and light! Thanks for sharing!!
08/23/2011 6:59:38 PM CDT
Willing Cook says ...
This is fantastic! My family has numerous food allergies and this recipe contains none of them. Kale is also our new favorite green. Thanks!
08/24/2011 7:43:11 AM CDT
Angie S Reedy says ...
A-HA! great dressing recipe! i have enjoyed this salad off the deli case and tried to replicate it at home. when i made the sauce i used Dijon mustard, a bit of olive oil, a splash of apple cider vinegar, s&p and MY secret ingredient: maple syrup! glad to finally know the Whole Foods way :)
08/24/2011 4:31:21 PM CDT
Chava LeBarton says ...
Thank you for a great raw, vegan recipe. We eat a lot of kale and I'm always looking for new ways to use it.
08/24/2011 4:53:55 PM CDT
Cat says ...
We are really into greens too, especially kale. I will be making this salad on the weekend. Looks like a wonderful company dish too.
08/24/2011 6:22:03 PM CDT
NoRecipeRequired says ...
Looks great....i love these types of salads. I make one similar with endive, pear, gorgonzola, and walnuts here http://tiny.cc/9nqy4
08/27/2011 9:53:05 AM CDT
Rita says ...
I tried this recipe this evening and yes, it is worth making again. I can see where having a good blender would be helpful, but my old blender got the job done.
08/29/2011 8:50:53 PM CDT
Tryph says ...
Graham crackers and peanut butter, yummy!
08/31/2011 9:42:46 PM CDT
Joe S says ...
my favorite is a trail mix that I make up which includes raw almonds, navitas organic goji berries, and navitas organic raw cacao nibs. It's great for you, gives you energy, and you feel satisfied.
08/31/2011 10:16:50 PM CDT
Phyll says ...
Eating handful of trail mix gives me a quick burst of energy.
09/01/2011 5:55:08 AM CDT
Carolyn says ...
This is my favorite recipe right now. It is very tasty, very healthy, very filling and leftovers taste as good as fresh (Unlike lettuce based salads that can wimp out overnight in the frig) I buy kale every time I go to Whole Foods. Please post MORE kale recipes!
09/07/2011 12:28:56 PM CDT
Anne says ...
Loved this salad. I was looking for a way to incorporate kale into my meals and this is a good way of doing it.
12/02/2011 11:24:15 PM CST
oumiewij says ...
Sounds great!
10/23/2013 10:57:12 PM CDT
Kathy Harwell says ...
LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe! I used raw walnuts, and raw apple cider vinegar. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!
02/08/2014 3:14:47 PM CST
winifredtigerlily says ...
This is outstanding!
04/07/2014 8:26:39 PM CDT