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Lou Lambert’s Coffee-Rubbed Roasted Brisket (Allegro Coffee / Episode 2)

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Jeremy Scotts says …

One of the best, if not the best recipe done on The Secret Ingredient. Clean and simple. I've tried cooking brisket in the past, to only end up with a flavorless, dry piece of meat. Follow the recipe and cook times and you'll impress not only yourself, but anyone you cook for "as I did". Great presentation and instruction from Lou. Hope he's planning more episodes with more recipes from Lambert's

Andrew McKinney says …

Excellent Video and recipe. Did the brisket go into the roasting pan with the fat side up or down?

Slaton, Whole Foods Market Team Member says …

Hi Andrew, The brisket goes into the roasting pan fat side up. Enjoy!

Flotentin Logigan says …

Great idea, great host, great video.. and .. of course.. great recipe... Looking fwd for new video-recipes! Scott Simons - Keep Up The Good Work! Sincerely yours biggest fan, Florentin V. Logigan (30y/o) Romania