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Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill

Check out our South region's local grower and vendor profiles. Thanks for watching our slide show and please let us know what you think!

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Bill Bradshaw says …

Very good presentation. I grew up with sugar cane syrup made the old fashion way. I know the work and time it takes to make a good product. Love you setup. Bill

Lance Holland says …

Great product. Just enjoyed it. Thanks

Robin Pope says …

How do i get this product in my local Whole Foods store?

Basil Burrell says …

When I was a child in rural north Georgia (1940's) I watched this done on my grandfathers farm near Stone Mountain Georgia. The process was identical with mules turning the mill and a wood fire heating the pans to cook the juice. Later I remember that they replaced the mules with an old Ford 4-cylender engine and transmission. The mill was fed by hand with sorghum stalks that had been stripped of the leaves and tassels. It was HARD work and your pictures bring back memories that I love. Thank you and thanks for the Sorghum Suckers that you packed with the syrup. Basil Burrell

foster steele says …

i believe for this family it goes beyond the syrup they are producing,it is for sure the family value system, to see grand children working on the farm ,right along the parents side, what an enormous impact this is having for their future generations tocome,our lord has blessed them and may he continue to do so and may they teach their children to seperate themseves from the world and to give all glory and honor to our god,,,,,,,,

Della Lilly says …

These are the best on the market .. definitely "Blue Ribbon" .. and I should know as my Dad and Grand-Dad were known for a 150-mile radius for "making the best".