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Natural Facial Care for Your Skin Type

The natural facial care shelves are loaded with hundreds of products. Which ones are right for you? Holistic Aesthetician Traci Reazor guides us through a daily healthy skin care regimen for three common skin types. She discusses a variety of natural facial care products and the properties that make them effective. Take a fresh look at face care!

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Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@LAKIMA - I was able to get in touch with Traci in the video for an answer: "We have lots of skin care options to address hyper-pigmentation, or darkening of the skin. Sometimes dark spots appear on the skin after acne that has healed. Look for products containing ingredients such as licorice, azelaic acid, Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, and kojic acid which are effective in lightening discoloration. Also, use sunscreen to help prevent further darkening of the skin." Hope this helps!

Gina Cupp says …

I would really like to know what can be used for highly sensitive skin. I can't use anything that has dyes, fragrance, scent, it won't clog my pores. I'm in my 40's & it seems that my face has gotten very sensitive to everything that I use to be able to use. Please help me!! Thank you.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@GINA - I would suggest reaching out to your local store to see what products they recommend. Since our products vary between locations, they can point out specific items they have in stock.