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Pigeon Cove Seafood Facility

The Secret Ingredient visits Pigeon Cove, Whole Foods Market’s very own seafood facility on the shore of the Atlantic in Gloucester, MA.

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Bassam Al Qaysi says …

I'm a team member of whole foods in Andover ,MA me ,two other team members and our team leader just visit this nice place two days a go ,and it was wonderful fish place I ever seen in my life , very clean and organized with all high quality meanings Good job Pigeon Cove Seafood WFM

Larissa says …

Do you feed the salmon at your farm with grain and or corn. GMO or gluten? I am allergic to those foods and would love to get a response to my question. Thank you in advance for your honest reply. LD, NJ

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@LARISSA - If you're inquiring for this particular vendor I would suggest reaching out to them directly for the type of feed. Otherwise, check with the seafood department at your local store and they can find out from the vendors sold at their location.

Gretchen says …

Love your New England Crumb Topped products but could you make the cooking instructions easier to read, please? Small, white type does not show up well.

usb personalizados boda says …

Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

Beth Morrill says …

Your hot-smoked salmon is absolutely amazing!! Without giving away any secrets, I'm sure many people would be very interested in how you prepare the smoked salmon, and how you came up with the various flavors. I'm a new WF employee, working in the seafood department. Your smoked salmon is one of our top sellers!! Thank you!!!