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Premium Body Care for Kids

According to Jeremiah McElwee, Executive Senior Global Whole Body Coordinator, it is important to babies and children’s health to choose products carefully:

  • Children’s skin is sensitive and helps regulate body temperature, hydrate and protect internal organs.
  • The skin is the largest detoxification organ in the body.
  • Artificial colors, preservatives and scents can cause irritation, especially for young children.

Premium Body Care® is a standard developed by Whole Foods Market® for our vendor partners:

  • The Premium Body Care standards make it easier to choose products like baby and children’s lotions, oils, powders and washes.
  • The PBC standards also make it easier for teens to choose face wash, make-up, and lotions,
  • The Quality Standards team evaluates every product to ensure it meets the Premium Body Care standards.
  • Criteria for evaluation include quality of source, environmental impact and safety.

There are many benefits to shopping at Whole Foods Market for your family:

  • Whole Foods Market carefully monitors all the products and ingredients we select.
  • Our team members are thoroughly trained and educated about the products we offer to help guide customers in making the most informed decisions.

Visit our Whole Body site to download this month’s featured Be Good to Your Whole Body pocket guide and more.

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Vanessa hanible says …

@toya I would suggest things that are fragance free or have very mild chemicals, this includes laundry detergant, soaps, lotions... The fewer ingredients the better. I have had ecxzema for 11 years. Fruit or plant based cleansers seem to work well also. I am black and I use 1 of these: coconut oil, olive/castor oil mix, shea and other kinds of butters...that are unrefined as a whole body lotion. Not sure if this would be too much oil for someone who is caucasian

Toya Gibson says …

Great advice, my kid has eczema Really bad. Do you have any recommendations for this? Also, if you all have samples, I'd like to try them please.

says …

@Toya Thanks for the support. If you'd like to try some samples, please visit the Whole Body Department at your community Whole Foods Market. The Team Members there will be happy to let you sample whichever products in which you're interested.

kara rane says …

yes~ Love the Whole Body selection & this just makes it even easier, thank You.

Lin says …

Where can I buy healthy baby wipes other than Seventh Generation?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@LIN - Our products vary between stores so I would check with your local store for any additional options they have other than Seventh Generation. There should be a 365 option of wipes, but check with your store to make sure!