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Char says ...
09/21/2011 8:54:43 PM CDT
Crystal Styers says ...
I love my montrose whole foods so the cd would be great fun and the gift card!!! I <3 WHOLE FOODS!!!!!! It's a wonderful place and the people are amazing- Kemi at the cafe is super awesome and the vitamin girls and guys rule ! I am very thank to this company and love amything they support so this music must be diano-might!!!!!
09/21/2011 11:43:58 PM CDT
Robin Newton says ...
I love Putamayo--choose me, please!!!
09/22/2011 9:38:22 AM CDT
Susanne says ...
Renaud Garcia-Fons - Classical, Jazz and World Music - Love it!
09/22/2011 3:54:31 PM CDT
Marcee Foltz says ...
I love the sounds of Africa! Last year I spent time in Togo with Mercy Ships and was able to spend time in African churches. The beat and driving tempo of that music just surges from the heart!
09/27/2011 10:23:59 PM CDT
Kel W says ...
I always love the Putumayo productions. They help me to more at one with others across this globe!
09/29/2011 10:32:50 PM CDT
spokane fitness clubs says ...
Well thanks for sharing wonderful information. Its a good information. Keep posting.
12/22/2011 10:27:16 PM CST
Jerry Nash says ...
Putumayo exposes a person to music they might never hear. The beats of the world are instrumental in the global world coming closer together
02/16/2012 11:57:48 AM CST
oursarn says ...
I am for sure a new fan of this blog! I enjoy blogs and am glad to find this place where i can gush about all things!
08/13/2012 12:41:55 AM CDT
wurson says ...
I used to read your blog all the time, seriously i love and i still do.
08/13/2012 1:41:14 PM CDT
wfeson says ...
I just found your blog on Ask Jeeves, a really good read.
08/13/2012 8:39:18 PM CDT