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Quinoa Primavera

Quinoa. Sacred to the Incas, consumed by mankind for over 6,000 years, and so packed with nutritional value that it is being considered by NASA as a possible crop to grow in space! Talk about a survivor and adaptor. And that’s just what it is. Quinoa is an amazingly adaptable addition to the pantry and can be substituted in recipes calling for cooked couscous, rice or other small grains. Try it in cold grain salads, as an addition to hearty soups, and as a substitute for the traditional "bed of rice" where it will soak up sauces and flavors like a culinary sponge. What do you use it for in the kitchen? Let us know. Get the Chicken Quinoa Primavera recipe that's featured in this episode!

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Rob says …

Scott, thanks for a great quick dinner idea! I have never cooked with quinoa, but am really looking forward to giving it a shot. I'm sure a bit of last weeks parm reg sprinkled on at the last minute before serving would put it "over the top!" Thanks! Rob

la_florecita says …

Inspired by this video as well as an article I recently read, my boyfriend and I picked some up this past weekend. For dinner, we mixed it with sun-dried tomatoes and feta and served it over some grilled portabellos, topped with fresh chopped basil. Then for breakfast, I used it to make a dish that was kind of a cross between oatmeal and kheer. I cooked it with water and milk until it was soft, then added crushed cardamom, fresh nutmeg and honey. We topped it with sliced peaches and it was great. I don't think we even ate lunch that day.

scott says …

Rob and la florecita, thank you for the feedback. You know, I never really cooked with it myself until about a year ago, when I rediscovered it in a salad at one of our stores. It would love at first bite. Like la florecita mentions, it is incredibly filling and as versatile as any grain out there.