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Recipes for a Homemade Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a few days away, and there’s still plenty of time to put together a plan for a sweet brunch honoring your Mom. A couple of general tips for making Mother’s Day brunch a great one:
  1. Let Mom sleep in! Get your brunch plan organized on Saturday so that you have everything you need ahead of time and won’t need to disturb Mom's Sunday morning. If you’re thinking of the breakfast-in-bed route, figure out what kind of trays and other special accessories you might need. (Mom may keep these in a special place so you may need to ask her before you can have it all ready to go on Sunday morning.
  2. Think about the setting. Whether you’re making Mom a tray for breakfast in bed or eating at the family table, make it special! Wonderful additions to the meal might include cut flowers in a small vase, a potted plant and a homemade mother’s day card.
  3. Remember to clean up! Let Mom relax post-brunch while the rest of the family takes care of the dirty dishes.
Here are some recipe ideas to help you plan your brunch: Simple A little more involved
  • Assemble Portobello and Asparagus Strata the night before. Then on Mother’s Day morning, put together a green salad and fruit salad while the strata bakes.
  • Make this simple (no crust!) Broccoli Quiche. Serve with green salad, fruit and muffins.
  • Bake Mom a healthier coffee cake—try Blueberry Coffee Cake. This is an especially wonderful treat served alongside eggs cooked your family’s favorite way.
Getting a bit fancier
  • Create a waffle bar! Make your own waffles or pick up some frozen ones. Set out bowls of berries, pure maple syrup or honey, and a spreadable or spoonable cheese, such as softened Neufchatel, ricotta or yogurt. Let everyone create their own perfect waffles. Check out our Berry Waffle Sandwiches or Waffles with Orange Cream Yogurt Dip. Remember, the guest of honor makes her waffle first!
  • Set up a breakfast taco stand in your kitchen! Scramble some eggs, cook some breakfast sausage or bacon, fry some potatoes (or reheat frozen potatoes), serve a few different salsas, warm up a stack of tortillas and let everyone assemble a taco packed with their own favorite fillings. Serve with fruit salad.
  • Take smoothie orders. Family members get to play the chefs here. Get your mise en place (kitchen set up) ready with frozen fruits and berries, milk, yogurt, nut butters and more. Let mom place an order for her favorite combo. Whip it up and serve in a pretty glass. Then take orders for everyone else’s smoothies. Here are 11 smoothie recipe ideas to help you get started.
  • Set out an oatmeal bar! Make a big pot of oatmeal, either rolled oats or steel-cut. Set out bowls of fresh chopped fruit, dried fruit, chopped nuts, coconut shreds, honey, milk or yogurt, and more. Let everyone create a unique oatmeal masterpiece.
Whatever you decide to make, your love for Mom surely will come through! Happy Mother’s Day!

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renuka ghongane. says …

i like mother's recipe because it has a awesome taste and has lots of nutrients in it. i also loved the idea of making something delicious for my mother. she just loved it. Your ideas are just awesome , i tried the cottage cheese pancakes , they were awesome in taste and were healhty too!!!!

Erin says …

Love the cottage cheese pancakes! They were already on my brunch menu for mom. Thanks for the great ideas Whole Foods!

Margo says …

Yum - that strata looks divine! Oh, I want to thank you for posting about all our healthy choices. For the first time this week I roasted my own red peppers and onions. I have spent all week playing with how many things these yummy wedges of roasted goodness will go with. I think my favorite so far is to mix them in rice and add a few extra spices. Oh - and I appreciate the tip on this Mother's Day post to cleam up whatever breakfast treat (or any other treat) you decide to make for your mom! Now *that* would be the real gift - no prep and no clean up!

Mary http://www.mygreendiet.com says …

I love the idea of making something for mom, but I also thought of a few non-homemade ideas if you aren't ready to tackle the kitchen! http://mygreendiet.com/green-diet-plan-tips/4-green-mothers-day-ideas/