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Strauss Free Raised™ Veal

One of our vendors was featured on Oprah today for their innovative calf raising practices. Inspired by their concern for animal welfare, the Strauss family spent years researching alternative veal raising systems. Ultimately, they say the most humane and compassionate system is the one Mother Nature provides. For anyone who wants to eat veal, this is the way to go —pasture-raised with exceptional quality and flavor, while raised in a healthy, humane and sustainable way. They promise their calves are:

  • Free to Roam – never tethered, raised in confinement
  • Raised on natural open pastures alongside mother & herd
  • Never raised in feedlots
  • Unlimited access to mother’s milk
  • Strictly vegetarian fed – never receiving animal by-products
  • Never ever administered growth hormones
  • Never ever administered antibiotics
  • Never experience the stress of industrialized farming
  • Traceable to place of birth
  • Agriculturally sustainable & environmentally friendly

If you want to know more, check out this video on their website. Strauss Free Raised™ Veal is available in our stores in the Southwest, Southeast, Florida and Rocky Mountain regions. It's coming soon to stores in other parts of the country.

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cary cole says …

I had the good fortune of trying Strauss' free raised veal recently in the San Francisco Bay Area. I only eat natural grass-fed meat, and Strauss’ free raised veal is the best veal, in fact the best meat, I've ever had. More importantly, Strauss’ free raised veal is highly nutritious. As a recent cancer survivor nutritious, healthy meat without hormones and antibiotics is vitally important to me. Lastly, the calves are humanely raised. Thank you Strauss Veal and Whole Foods for bringing such delicious, healthy and humanely raised veal to the market!

Andy says …

I think that the issue of free raised veal is well raised in this post. All too often, the welfare stories focus on chicken battery farms, and other poultry. I stopped buying veal many years ago after seeing how the majority of them were raised. It's good to see that humanely raised and reared calves is now getting more attention. Good luck to this farm. Andy from <a href="http://sippadvice.co.uk" rel="nofollow">SIPP Pensions</a>

David says …

There are several well made points in the post. Many consumers are put off eating veal as they are weary of how the calves are raised. Now, with high ethical and moral standards of welfare, consumers have a benchmark to judge how the calves have been reared.

Jessica says …

Dear Whole Foods: Please don't break your arm patting yourself on the back just yet regarding your exemplification that you buy locally. As I've meandered through your California based stores lately, I'm seeing a great deal of conventionally grown produce from Mexico and Canada. How is that considered local...Please return to your former years and honor your promise that you advertise on your bags: LOCAL IS ALWAYS IN SEASON!

Meg says …

As an animal welfare activist and <a href="http://megtour.com/health/the-causes-of-allergies-part-1/" rel="nofollow">healthy lifestyle promoter,</a> it is good to see a farm finally specialising in rearing healthy and stress free reared veal calves. I will be sure to check out this farm, and try out some of their veal in the near future.

Karen Drewek says …

Veal is a calf that is not weaned and it is slaughtered at 12-24 weeks. This is all a big marketing campaign that works on people who are not well versed in farming. This is not humane. They mention their veal calves are Holstein Breed [Black &amp; White], where are they in the video? This is just a giant dairy farm...Has anyone physically had a tour? I asked for one and I have not heard back yet.

jon says …

it's a step in the right direction...but the entire purpose of veal is to prematurely end an animal's life. the full picture is a mother loses their young...and we know these creatures are very paternal, have empathy, get stressed out, etc. a delicacy like veal is out-dated and leads us back to the selfish eat everything mentality. i am a meat eater but i think promoting less is more when it comes to meat consumption. just my 2 cents.

Liz says …

There is no such thing as the creation of "humane" veal! These calves are slaughtered at only a few months of age! How can the slaughter of an infant ever be considered humane? What a joke! Just another marketing campaign that works on the gullible.

Judy Jordan says …

We have a large amount of Holsteins and dairy crosses that come to our farm and we sell to the individual farmers. We have considered selling to a veal farm but would be selective on how calves are treated. Our calves are left on a nurse cow until sold. How would I find out about veal farming and the markets and farms that have a more natural outlook on raising healthy veal?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@JUDY - Since we source products from vendors, I would suggest reaching out to a vendor directly to see if they have advice.

Joe Rountree says …

Kudos for Whole Foods. A partnership with responsible ranchers to produce quality product. Yet another reason why I shop at your store.