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Summer’s Best Swordfish Recipes

For just a few short months each summer, our fresh, harpoon-caught swordfish arrives from a Nova Scotia fishery certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. Swordfish needs only a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of olive oil for absolute deliciousness, but its rich flavor also stands up beautifully to strong flavors and heavy spicing. Here are some of our favorite recipes for fresh swordfish: Want to put your own spin on swordfish? Try these techniques for cooking our fresh, harpoon-caught swordfish:
  1. Grilling—On medium-high heat, place steaks or skewered kabobs on oiled grill grates. Cook for 7 to 8 minutes for 6-ounce steaks; about 6 minutes for kabobs.
  2. Broiling—On an oiled broiler rack or foil-lined baking sheet, place 5 inches from heat source and broil 7 to 8 minutes for 6-ounce steaks.
  3. Baking—Oil or line a baking sheet with parchment paper (or wrap fish in foil), bake in a 425°F oven for 8 to 10 minutes for 6-ounce steaks.
  4. Pan-searing—Coat a heavy skillet or grill pan with a thin layer of oil or butter, sear for 6 to 8 minutes for 6-ounce steaks.
  5. Braising—Place steaks in a covered deep skillet and add a flavorful liquid (such as tomato sauce, coconut milk or wine, etc.) to fill until about 2/3 as high as steaks. Simmer for 10 to 12 minutes for 6-ounce steaks.
Also try it:
  • Blackened
  • With brown butter and capers
  • In coconut curry
  • In a stir-fry
  • In kabobs with pomegranate glaze
  • In fish tacos
  • Oil-poached with lemon and vanilla
  • Broiled with miso glaze
  • With salsa verde, teriyaki or mojo sauce
Learn more about our harpoon-caught swordfish at Not Just Another Fish Story. Remember, this special catch is only available for a few short weeks, so try a new swordfish recipe today! What are your favorite ways to cook swordfish?

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patricia says …

grilled and topped with a thick slice of fresh tomato and a sprinkle of gorgonzola cheese

Howard says …

Marinate in yogurt, minced garlic and ginger and lemon juice mixture for 4-6 hours before grilling. You can also add cumin, tumeric and/or curry powder to the mix. Wipe off excess marinade before grilling and salt & pepper both sides.

Catherine Z. says …

I'm surprised Whole Foods would sell and advocate for the harpooning or any other method of taking Swordfish. Swordfish are endangered world wide, and I am leery of any country, esp. Canada and Nova Scotia calling their taking "sustainable". Canada continues to slaughter baby seals, despite world wide protests. They have destroyed their cod fisheries and now are pursuing other endangered marine life, including swordfish. Swordfish, Blue fin tuna, shark and other large predator fish are under extreme fishing pressure and are at population lows. Additionally, because these are large predator fish, they often contain unsafe levels of tuna and other toxins due to human derived pollution. Rather than put more pressure on the world's marine life, I would encourage Whole Foods to support ocean conservation efforts.

Gsm afluisteren says …

I tried the Braising technique (with coconut milk) 2 days ago and my whole family loved it, highly recommended!

Logan says …

@ Catherine Z I work in a marine conservation research lab where members are working to help with sustainable fisheries. Whole foods is not merely marketing this fish as sustainable, the Marine Steward Council has a rating system for sustainable seafood. This is an independent organization aimed at conserving marine ecosystems. They are not just giving these ratings out to please fisheries, even though Canada does have its problems with sealing.