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Top Tips for Cleansing

Want to know the top three tips for cleansing? All equally important, two of them are simple: Eat healthy foods in small amounts, and drink plenty of water. The third tip, however, is just as vital, and sometime overlooked: support your liver. This hard-working organ filters all the blood in the body several times a day, breaking down toxic substances and sending them on to be eliminated. Because the main goal of cleansing is more efficient elimination of toxins, liver support and protection is extremely important. Experts recommend the herb milk thistle for the job. Milk thistle contains silymarin, shown in numerous studies to play a role in liver cell protection and regeneration, while its antioxidant power helps scavenge free radicals during cleansing. Malia Curran, MS, MPH

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Casandra Barnes says …

Six months ago while I was going through my usual blood work at my doctor's office, I was told that my liver count was 57! I begain reading up on the use of milk thistle seed to support the liver. I've been taking it ever since and last week my blood report came back with a liver count of 19!!!! This is very important to me because my mother died of liver cancer. This is one supplement that does what it says it can do!! Casandra Barnes Houston, Texas

Laura Zielke says …

I am in my second week of the whole body cleanse, and I love it. How often is it safe to do a whole body cleanse? Once a month? Once a quarter? Once a year??? Thank you, Laura

Kate Richter says …

I've just purchased the Complete Body Cleanse today ready to start tomorrow... I've been reading people's posts on the product and am excited to get started - But, I've noticed a few people have asked how frequently this product can be used and I've not seen an answer to that question...??

Debra says …

I would like to know what is the best whole body cleanse I can purchase. I suffer with bloating and gas a lot. Thanks Debra

Janet Kennerly says …

I would like to see product label. I shy away from supplements that contain lots of fllers and binders. I notice your web site does not make product or product label available and I will not visit your market to read this. Just because you claim to be healthier or carry healthy products does not convience me.