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Elysa says ...
I am interested in solutions for cleaning and shining my hardwood floors, any advice?
04/07/2010 1:23:45 PM CDT
Kathy says ...
I have read a study done at a university (sorry, can't remember which one!) on natural disinfectant. The study says that spraying white vinegar, followed by a spray of regular old 3% hydrogen peroxide, will disinfect your counters, etc, better than straight bleach. It does not matter which you spray first, the vinegar or the peroxide. The disinfection is something like 98% - 99% effective! Happy cleaning!
04/09/2010 1:07:09 PM CDT
Kathy says ...
Does anyone have a natural solution for repelling bedbugs? I live in an apartment complex, and apparently they have found the critters in other apartments. Thank GOODNESS not MINE. YET. My children and I are extremely sensitive to pesticides, and I refuse to have my apartment sprayed. (The management is deciding whether I will be allowed to remain). I do not know if they can FORCE me to be sprayed, but I will move before allowing this! The ironic thing is, the pesticides aren't even that effective!
04/09/2010 1:12:24 PM CDT
Kathleen Erwin says ...
Looking for fels naptha soap - a great soap for hard to remove stains in clothing. Can you help?
05/20/2010 1:00:06 PM CDT
Dionne says ...
to Kathy concerning the bedbug issue. On the hometrends website, they sell a few products. "sleeptight" says it is natural. I have not tried it but I will. 16oz is $16.99
08/10/2010 2:16:04 PM CDT
Dionne says ...
In addition to"Sleeptight" (16 oz for $16.99) which is touted as natural with organic ingredients on the hometrends website, "Rest Easy" is sold by Bed, Bath and Beyond (16 oz for $9.99)
08/10/2010 2:32:28 PM CDT
skeptic says ...
I was using 7th generation for a while because I really like the fragrance of their laundry detergent. It left all my clothes kind of dingy though. I was going to throw away a lot of clothes because they looked awful- grubby like I was a trash picker. Then I switched back to regular commercial detergents and my clothes looked much better. I'm not sure if it's environmentally friendly if it makes my clothes look so bad that I want to buy new ones.
08/15/2010 10:21:09 AM CDT
KrisB says ...
Good tips. I add some grapefruit seed extract to all my cleaners as an antimicrobial. That stuff is amazing and so versatile! Clean any surface, wash fruit, even use it as a mouthwash (diluted of course!) It's a must-have for my arsenal, haven't had a cold in years.
02/20/2011 11:41:31 AM CST
Casi says ...
My new favorite thing...I mix whole foods Castile soap, a few drops of peppermint oil, tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle. I clean till my hearts content and my house smells fresh and minty! True love for 365,!
04/30/2011 12:54:19 AM CDT
whiz cleaners says ...
Great post and great tips for all to see. I personally buy my own products rather than making them.
05/08/2012 3:00:50 PM CDT
Olen says ...
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10/20/2013 4:12:36 PM CDT