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Why Bother?

For a reality check on climate change, read Why Bother?, an important article by Michael Pollan that appeared in the New York Times Magazine on April 20th. It goes straight to the heart of the climate change problem, addressing the attitudes that need to change before effective action can be taken and offering one way for individuals to participate in a solution. When you've absorbed Mr. Pollan's information, come back and share your thoughts on it with the Whole Green Blog community.

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A Casson says …

Reusing and recycling is what it is all about! Try to be inventive and reuse your discard-ables in clever ways. I like to use my plastic lids from canned nuts and margarine tubs as mini cutting boards, whats the sense of dragging out a big Cutting board when you can usually chop a small amount of whatever you might need on these mini disposables(lids), no wasting of water and time to clean up the regular size cutting board. I also like to use my plastic bags I get at the grocery stores for packing things on eBay as I am a current seller with eBay