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Wild Salmon

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ils vont says …

Nice looking recipe. I would be interested in seeing these recipes priced out so I can have an idea of what this wonderful recipe would cost to prepare, because as we all know Whole Foods is not cheap. www.ilsvont.com

Rachelle says …

for the quality of food you get at whole foods compared to other grocery stores, i think whole foods is pretty reasonably priced! i know when i shop at whole foods, i don't have to be as picky about what i grab off the shelves as i do at other grocery stores. i know that wf has a higher standard of what they put out for customers to buy

scott says …

Thanks, Rachelle! We appreciate the feedback, and I must say, as a fellow consumer, I agree.

Juan pratts says …

I think their prices for wild salmon is too high, but here in America to eat healthy and fresh comes with a price.