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By Ashley Heaton, October 16, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Ashley Heaton

Ann Arbor, MI Zingerman’s is part handmade candy bar company, part handmade creamery and 100% fresh. Playing with sugar all day can’t be a bad gig. Making something you can be proud of? Even better. Zingerman’s knows they’re doing something really special. They make every candy bar by hand, using fresh ingredients, for a great bar with a wonderful finish and no bad aftertaste. Not many candy bar companies do everything by hand with such attention and love. Their goal is to give you a really delicious bar and make you happy with your purchase. All Zingerman’s cheeses are also made fresh by hand. They don’t have equipment to help with the process, which makes every piece of cheese a great product full of love and devotion. This attention sets them apart from many larger operations. When you can get a fresh cheese, within two days of it being made; to taste the milk that is so fresh, in these cheeses that are so fresh, it’s a really incredible and unique thing. Learn more about Zingerman’s in this short video.

Don’t live close enough to experience their chocolate and cheese yourself? We’ve got local vendors all around the country providing great products like this. Check your local store for what’s available in your neck of the woods.
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Justine says ...
I love Zingerman's. Someone sent us a gift basket once when we were new parents, and it was like manna from heaven.
10/18/2010 12:21:15 PM CDT
Sarah says ...
I love their candy bars, on a recent trip to Ann Arbor my husband brought me back a few. I don't normally care for candy bars, but these were amazing. I think the quality of ingredients and freshness make the difference. The Zingerman's deli in Ann Arbor is great too.
10/18/2010 2:44:08 PM CDT
Sarah says ...
For sanitary reasons, they should wear gloves.
10/21/2010 7:05:32 AM CDT
Kyleen Stoebenau says ...
I love Zingerman's. If you have never tried them, do so. Their Mandelbread is delish! All of their products seem to melt in your mouth. Comfort food for sure.
10/21/2010 7:25:37 AM CDT
Cheryl says ...
Zingerman's make the best bagels ever!
10/21/2010 10:02:57 AM CDT
Martha Cox says ...
I Loved your deli sandwiches and cookies and thought you were really generous! I hope some day to retun to Ann Arbor and visit the deli! I was the double bass player for the NYC Opera National Company from 1990-2000. And I played in Ann Arbor for most of those years. You generously supplied our lunch for the kiddee concerts! It's nice to see that Whole Foods is supporting you! I'm glad I had the oppertunity to support you on this web site! Sincerely, Martha Cox
10/22/2010 1:20:36 PM CDT
Josh Kimbell says ...
Please oh please Whole Foods bring some of this Wonderful Zingerman's stuff to Austin!! It's your headquarters after all we need great stuff like this here.
10/08/2013 11:40:47 PM CDT