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From Winter Gloom to Spring Blooms

DaffodilsI spent a significant amount of my youth in the Midwest, where flowers, not calendars, were my barometers for spring.

When I saw the yellow daffodils begin to sprout, I knew spring was nearly here. Next the apricot tree started blooming, and by the time the fragrant lilacs made their brief but triumphant appearance, I knew warm weather was definitely here to stay, at least for a few months.

My mother would mark the arrival of spring by bringing flowers inside. Toward the end of a long, cold, gray Midwest winter, nothing brightened our home like pink tulips, yellow daffodils or a mixed bouquet. When we had an early spring, she’d mix store-bought bouquets with a few stems from our yard for stunning results.

Finally, no spring welcome was complete without a potted Easter lily for the holiday.

TulipsToday I continue to welcome spring inside with gorgeous lush blooms. Lacking good soil and a green thumb, I now rely solely on my local store for beautiful spring flowers to brighten my house. So while I can’t add flowers from the yard, I personalize arrangements in other ways.

Here are a few tips that I’ve cultivated over the years to make the most of showcasing those flowers:

  • Divide a bouquet into single stems or single arrangements of just three or four stems and place throughout the house for a pleasant pop of color in each room.
  • Use unexpected containers – mugs, oversized cups, pitchers, cordial glasses, tin cans or silver mint-julep cups.
  • Place the same bloom or different flowers in the same color in mismatched containers and group them together.

My parents now live in the Mid–Atlantic, so the blooms in my mother’s yard are slightly different than what I grew up with. I’m headed there in a few days and hope the timing is right for dogwood blossoms.

I look forward to seeing how she has personalized her store-bought bouquet with whatever is currently blooming outside of her door, and of course, I’m sure there is already a potted Easter lily on the table waiting for next weekend’s celebration.

No matter what is (or isn’t!) growing in your yard, you can find spring favorites like tulips, orchids and mixed bouquets at your local Whole Foods Market. Look for the Whole Trade® Guarantee to find flowers that are as responsible as they are gorgeous.

What are your favorite spring flowers? Do you have any tips for showing them off in your home?

Originally published in March, 2012.

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Flower Care Guide says …

I always encourage the idea of getting creative with the container of bouquets. I had a good friend who was really clever - her husband was a bowler, so she carefully cut the stem of three dahlias and placed them in the finger holes of one of his [many] bowling balls. It was a huge hit!

Tracy says …

I prefer to have many different flowers, each has a unique bloom.

lori says …

I prefer a mixed bouquet

ContainerLiving says …

Love the photos wish I could get flowers that lush here! (Out in the tropics)

Dorian says …

Hi Elizabeth, Thanks a lot for your very nice and interesting article about these beautiful flowers....we definitely share the same passions =) I wanted precisely to reach the Store Manager of Whole Foods North Miami to see with all of you guys if we can organize a raffle for The Taras Oceanographic Foundation (Jupiter, FL) for Dolphins preservation and scientific research support. I am a volunteer at the Foundation. Please let me know how we could organize ourselves and meet to plan this. It would be a great opportunity to both you and us to increase people awareness and sensitize to our common cause: protecting Nature, culturing healthy lifestyle, etc. Thanks a lot in advance, Much Chi, Dorian

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@DORIAN - Our donations are handled at the store level so it's best to call the store at 305-892-5500 to speak with store leadership or the marketing team leader for more info!

Tina C says …

Will you be getting lilacs? Can we order some @ our local Whole Foods? Please advise. Thanks! Tina C

Julia Dickinson says …

This reminded me of fond memories of my childhood as well. I am a flower person and love them so much. Julia

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@TINA - The exact flower options will differ between stores. Check with your local store directly to find out when/if they will have these in stock and they can also help you special order!

Jeremy says …

I am looking for the perfect flower to choose for a girl that I have a crush on.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@JEREMY - So sweet! Check with your local store to see what options they have in stock now!