Benjamin Miosi, Store Graphic Artist/Sign Maker

Bend, Oregon

Benjamin Miosi
What does your title mean?

We create a variety of hand drawn chalkboards that help define many Whole Foods Market stores. And my title means many things, but essentially I'm responsible for those chalkboards as well as the accuracy of item/pricing signage, maintenance of the associated databases and the creation, upkeep and distribution of all advertising and in-store marketing collateral.

When and where did you get your start at Whole Foods Market?

I joined Whole Foods Market as the Lead Store Graphic Artist in Devon, Pennsylvania in 2010.

A Day in the Life:

The first thing I do in the morning is check emails and build a prioritized list for the day. If there's anything that needs to be done before the store opens, I take care of that first (floor art, glass writing, messy projects, etc.), I then usually take care of the basic, high-priority sign requests before moving on to digital/graphic design projects. The last few hours of my day are dedicated to portraits, hand-drawn signs, and other more unique chalk projects.

A recent, memorable day:

I had an opportunity to travel to Portland, Oregon with a huge Whole Foods Market team to execute a week of signage for our sponsorship of Portland's FEAST festival. Without a doubt, that entire week was one of the most challenging, rewarding and memorable weeks thus far.

The Very Best Part of My Job:

I get a great deal of satisfaction out of finding creative solutions to Team Member challenges. I always enjoy making art the most when it's part of a larger picture (pun definitely intended). Plus I get the opportunity to live, learn and create in beautiful Bend, Oregon!

What do you like best about working at Whole Foods Market?

At any given moment, I can look around and see dozens of hard working, motivated and talented people working around me. Our Quality Standards are fantastic when applied to the products we carry, and even better when they produce such a high percentage of incredibly inspiring Team Members.

What advice do you have for people considering joining the Whole Foods Market team?

You have to want it. Do your research, find out as much as you can about our Core Values and our culture. Do not approach the interview process like you might for a more "conventional" grocery store. Working for Whole Foods Market is more than stocking shelves, cutting meat, or working the register. It is very much a culture of discipline, empowerment, and the pursuit of better health both physically and mentally. The more you can do to demonstrate your enthusiasm, work ethic and creativity, the better.

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