Kate Medley, Multimedia Storyteller

Whole Foods Market, South and Mid-Atlantic Regions

Kate Medley
What does your job title mean?

My job is to tell the stories of our brand – be that about our suppliers, our communities, our Team Members, or our Core Values – using whichever medium is most fitting (print, photography, audio, video, etc.).

A Day in the Life

Most days I am planning logistics for upcoming shoots, actively shooting out in the field, orchestrating post-production logistics, or working with our internal teams to make sure these stories get in front of our customers.

A recent, memorable day

A couple months ago my alarm went off at 4:00am on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Shortly thereafter, along with a crew of filmmakers, fishermen, and two Whole Foods Market Global Seafood Buyers, we boarded fishing boats to shoot a documentary about sockeye salmon. We spent the afternoon driving around the region looking for beautiful images capturing a sense of place – scenic vistas, bear, moose, waterways, etc. We gathered back together in the evening to feast on grilled sockeye on the porch, overlooking Cook Inlet.

What gets you up in the morning?

The idea that I have the opportunity each day to – in a small way – affect people’s food buying decisions, thus encouraging the trend toward more sustainable agricultural systems and better health.

The Very Best Part of My Job

The farmers and producers who let me into their lives and entrust me with the storytelling of themselves, their family, their place, their processes, their livelihood.

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