Tasty Jobs at Whole Foods Market

Our Team Members share our passion for great food, our communities, our environment and making the world a better place. With more than 360 stores in the US, Canada and the UK, there are many opportunities to follow your passion and grow your career with our company. Read about some of our current Team Members and their tasty jobs below, or search for open positions in your area.

Stacey Cavin

Stacey Cavin

Local Forager — Glendale, California

Stacey has been with Whole Foods Market since 2012 and sources local products for 12 stores in our Southern Pacific region.

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We’re hiring! If you enjoy sourcing great products, check out our many open part- and full-time buyer positions at Whole Foods Market.

Phi LeQuoc

Phi LeQuoc

Digital Marketing Specialist — Glendale, CA

Phi has been with Whole Foods Market since November 2013, and stays busy working on Marketing and Social Media.

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We’re hiring! Are you interested in marketing? There are several Leadership in Training positions available in the Connecticut area, as well as part-and full-time marketing-related positions available at many of our U.S. locations.

Benjamin Mercado

Benjamin Mercado

Meat Cutter — Huntington Beach, California

Benjamin joined Whole Foods Market in 2013 and has a passion for local food and quality standards.

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We’re hiring! There are currently open part- and full-time Meat Team Member positions in Vancouver, BC; Oakland, CA and Austin, TX (as well as many other locations).

Xochitl Rico Moncada

Xochitl Rico Moncada

Metro Trainer — Cherry Creek, Colorado

Xochitl is a passionate bilingual Metro Trainer for four locations in the Denver Area.

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We’re hiring! If you have a passion for teaching others, there are open part and full-time Trainer positions in Houston, TX; Asheville, NC and Providence, RI..

Rob Allen

Rob Allen

Rocky Mountain Prepared Foods Associate Coordinator — Boulder, CO

Rob helps with strategic development and planning for the Rocky Mountain Region and is passionate about developing strong relationships with Team Members.

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We’re hiring! There are currently part- and full-time Prepared Foods positions available at many locations throughout Whole Foods Market.

Looking for a great part-time gig?

Whole Foods Market offers flexible hours to fit the scheduling needs of students, musicians, stay-at-home parents, bartenders, waiters, food bloggers, and retirees. And did we mention the Team Member discount? Part-time positions can be found on most store teams, including Prepared Foods, Whole Body (Health & Body Care), Meat/Seafood and the Front-End (cashier). If you’re passionate about high-quality natural and organic food, and would like to work part-time for one of FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® (16 years running)... check out the opportunities at one of our stores near you! .