Arthur Dogswell LLC Voluntarily Recalls Catswell Brand Vitakitty Chicken Breast With Flaxseed And Vitamins Because Of possible propylene glycol contamination

July 30, 2012

Arthur Dogswell LLC, Los Angeles, CA 90025, is voluntarily recalling 1051 cartons packed as either 10 or 50 packages per case of Catswell Brand VitaKitty Chicken Breast with Flaxseed and Vitamins because it has the potential to contain propylene glycol. High levels of propylene glycol in the treats could result in serious injury to cats. The adverse health impacts could be reducing red blood cell survival time (anemia) and making the cells more susceptible to oxidative damage.

The products being recalled are:

UPC Code

Product Description

Lot Code


Catswell VitaKitty Chicken Treats-2 oz bag

SEW12CH032701/03c Best before 9/10/13


Catswell VitaKitty Chicken Treats-2 oz bag

SEW12CH032702/03c Best before 9/11/13

No illnesses have been reported to date.

The recall resulted from a routine surveillance sample collected by the Company and the Food and Drug Administration. Arthur Dogswell has ceased distribution of the affected product.

For more information please contact Arthur Dogswell at 1-888-559-8833 or see the FDA website.