Whole Foods Market is Removing from its Shelves 365 Organic Everyday Value Ground Ginger

July 25, 2008

Whole Foods Market is voluntarily removing from its shelves 365 Organic Everyday Value Ground Ginger with the following lot codes:

  • W041919.7339
  • W041919.8024
  • W041919.8032
  • W041919.8063
  • W041919.8080
  • W041919.8109
  • W041919.8112
  • W041919.8150
  • W041919.8175

Products with these lot codes have been shown to contain trace amounts of a pesticide residue. The trace level detected represents a violation of Whole Foods Market Quality Standards but is not considered to be a health concern.

The product was distributed to and sold at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. 365 Organic Everyday Value Ground Ginger is sold in a 1.5oz glass jar with a blue and white label.

The decision to remove the product was made based on test results by an accredited lab which detected minute traces of Aldicarb Sulfoxide, an agricultural pesticide not approved for use on ginger.

Consumers who have 365 Organic Everyday Value Ground Ginger can return it to Whole Foods Market for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact the company at (512) 542-0020 or PrivateLabel.CustomerService@WholeFoods.com.