Made Right Here

From salsas to guacamoles and freshly cut fruit and veg pots, our Produce team slice and dice within our in-house kitchens.

Meet Your Producer

Albert Bartlett

Albert Bartlett, a family run business for 60 years, supply over 20% of the UK's fresh potatoes. Look for their delicious spud varieties in our Produce departments.

Certified Organic

Soil Association

Whole Foods Market UK ensures the organic integrity of the organic products we sell from the time they reach our stores until they are safely tucked into your shopping cart.

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Our produce is a sight to behold. It's the first thing you see when you come into one of our stores: a visual feast of color, variety and sparkling freshness piled high for your pleasure and convenience.

The quality of produce at our stores is simply second to none. Our produce buyers, maintain relationships with our local growers and our field inspectors are on the road 52 weeks a year seeking out the best of the best.

Organic produce is a mainstay for us. Early on, we committed to offering as much organic produce as available because we believe organic farming supports a healthy environment. Fresh fruits and vegetables grown without the use of long-lasting chemical pesticides and fertilizers will always have a prominent place on our shelves.

We feature local produce in season. While the definition of local varies by region of the country, it generally means one day’s drive away or less, and it's usually much less. Ask a produce team member where your store’s local produce comes from and when your favorite items will be in season.

We know that you like to know where your food comes from, so we display the country of origin of every piece of produce we sell. To meet customer demand, we do our best to offer the highestquality fruits and vegetables year-round, so we use our experience and relationships with growers from around the world to obtain the best of what's "in season" in other parts of the world.

Devotion to quality and service is a daily mantra in every one of our produce departments. That's why you can find just about anything you want there, from the humble to the exotic, from bananas to Buddha's hand (in season, of course). Come in and explore. You're bound to find something delicious.